Kevin hart in trouble again. Yup If you this time it’s gonna cost him yea as a woman filed a case against the star comedian demanding $60 million. It will be termed as charge for alleged intentional infliction of emotional distress, negligence and invasion of privacy that lead to personal damages of the lady. 

The lady name is Montia Sabbage yea you have seen her yes in the tape. Doesn’t want to offend anyone but that’s the fact you can take a close look at her in the video attached in the article. The matter is not closed yet and there is much more done under the curtains and now it seems that Montia is ready to sue Kevin hart as she filed a strong case against him.

Is it a Publicity Stunt?

As you know a video was shared on Instagram saying that somebody was attempting to blackmail him over an explicitly sexual video including him and Sabbag in a lodging at Las Vegas. Hart’s previous colleague Jonathan Todd Jackson was arrested and accused of demanding extortion, however he has denied regularly blackmailing Hart. 

Even in the court records, Sabbag claims Hart in certainty knew about the mystery camcorder inside the lodging and permitted Jackson access to the room so they could tape her covertly. 

 The lawyer taking care of Kevin hert side didn’t promptly react to any matter started in last 24 hrs. 

Sabbag declares that the sex tape episode was to help “advance [Kevin Hart’s] Irresponsible Tour, which was a record-breaking parody and to expand his general popular culture status,” as per available records.

What Kevin Hart said for this? 

In 2017, Hart apologized to his then-pregnant spouse, Eniko Parrish, and his two kids via web-based networking media, where he stated Jackson was attempting to coerce him. The FBI was promptly exploring and tried to find the supposed blackmail attempt offender. 

“I’m blameworthy [of infidelity], paying little mind to how it occurred and what was included, the s–that I can’t discuss, I’m liable. I’m off-base,” Hart said in a meeting with the Power 105.1 FM demonstrate The Breakfast Club in December 2017. “It’s past reckless. There’s no chance to get around it. That is Kevin Hart in his stupidest minute. That is not the best hour of my life. All things considered, you make your bed you lay in it.”

What Montia Sabbage Claims? 

In September 2017, Sabbag approached at a public interview, recognizing herself as the lady engaged with Hart in the account and saying, “I am not a blackmailer or striper. I didn’t have anything to do with these tapes.” 

Kevin Hart is as of now re gaining himself from an auto collision that left him with “major back wounds” when his Plymouth Barracuda veered off the street and arrived in a discard not long ago. 

He was released from the hospital a week ago after going through an operation, currently, he is experiencing some medical procedure and is regaining from his wounds by taking help from a physiotherapist. 

Final words

That’s all for today I hope you like the information shared here and will share with your friends and family members. As far as my opinion is concerned being a man is a responsibility itself and if you are married than it is double. What Kevin hart did can not be justified by an apology. Many of you will say that woman was at fault thats okay but Kevin was at a bigger fault than anyone. What do you feel about the same mention it in the comment box below. Also, you are always welcome to mark your choice of topics below. Our team will try their best to answer that in upcoming blogs.


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