Kingdom Rush to Play:

ay. It is a great crazy fun game but it could be very irritating if you do not know how to play the game. Here in this article, we will give you the best tips and tricks that you should follow in order to win the game. These tips and tricks will make your gameplay more effective and efficient as compared to previous time.

Kingdom Rush Tips and Tricks

Below We have mentioned all the tips and tricks that you should follow in the game to be the best in game.

#1) Kingdom Rush Tip 1 : Only The Best will survive: 

Yes you read it correctly, only the best will be able to survive in this game. Whenever you attacked by your enemies, Waves affect weak enemies at first but you can easily bypass your soldiers and slow-firing defenses on you. It will be good to invest in towers initially that can thin these hordes out.

You can opt for Tesla X104 variant of Bombard Tower. It can take down maximum number of weak enemies. You can have the advantage of Tesla if you have got it available with you.

In further levels, the bombarded tower will be upgraded for the first. A lot of times, you can clear the first level with the help of tesla tower only.

#2) Kindom Rush Tip 2 : Build Strong Defense First

Many times, we are like to accquire all the tower spots by building level 1 tower over those places, but it is not a smart move, infact you should with few towers and start pumping them up to survive the attack that is possible on you. Planting more towers will build towers that are of level 1 mostly.

Level 1 Towers will not be able to survive the strong wave of attacks, to prevent those strong waves. You need to upgrade your towers periodically, hence it is recommended that you should pump your towers before building new ones. It will help you to sustain in the game further.

#3) Kingdom Rush Tip 3: Burn First and Burn often

Like other abilities and Features, Rain of Fire is another ability provided to you in this game. Besides other reinforcements, it is the most special ability provided to you in this game. You may want to use it in emergency only, But once you use it, you can use it more frequently.

The Game suggest you to keep yourself ahead of your enemy always in order to win the game. In order to do so, you should keep building towers regularly, and the ability like Rain of Fire etc.

#4) Kingdom Rus Tip 4: Taking on The Tough People

Taking out weaker enemies is quite easy in this game. Once you take out weak enemies, you need to shift your focus towards tougher and Harder enemies. They are the ones that can make some harm to you and your team. The tougher guys may face some damage from the tesla towers but you still need some harder attacks to finish them in the game.

There are two kingdom rush towers for the game that is Arcan upgrade to the Mage Tower and another one is Musketeer upgrade to Archer Tower. Both the tower have abilities that can take down your enemy down in single hit.  These two hits are known as Death Ray and Sniper Shot.

#5) Kingdom Rush Tip 5: Lead from Front

The leader is one who always remain in front, you can learn this lesson in Kingdom Rush Game as well. We will suggest you to lead your team from front initially and take all the initial attacks. Instead of of leading from behind, it is better to lead from front so by the time strong enemies come, they will be able to fight with them and become more strong and powerful. If you are by back from the beginning, by the time strong enemies will attack you, your team will not be able to fight back against them and you can lose the game.

Final Words: Kingdom Rush Tips and Tricks

Here in this article, we have shared the best tips and tricks that you need to follow in order to win the game. Kingdom Rush is one of the best android game that you should play once. If you have any doubt or query regarding Kingdom of Rush game, you can ask us in the comment box given below. Our Team of Experts will surely get back to you soon. We will surely try to help you with the best of our capacity.

Kingdom Rush to Play:


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