The last day on earth survival is a zombie game in which you need to struggle for your existence as a zombie will try to kill you. One of the best game in the survival category most loved category in the last few years.

Today we will provide you with the complete guide for Last day on earth survival guide. So without wasting any more time let’s get started to know the best ways to survive and win the game.

Last Day on Earth Survival
Last Day on Earth Survival

Collect Resources as More as You Can

As you start playing game you must take care of collecting resources as much as you can. In the first stage of the game, you must craft a hatchet and pickaxe as this will help you in cutting trees and mining in search of limestone. These two basic tools will help you to survive as well as in collecting resources. One must remember that collecting new things will help you to explore new dimensions of the game.

Take Care of Levels

In primary stages of the game you must feel weak due to lack of equipment after collecting resources you will feel powerful as stage grows. Remember Level up means more power.

Make your Castle

For living longer in the surviving game you must design your home or castle first. You can start as low as 3*3 size home. In order to build your home, one must start with the floor first and move forward with walls. One must clear plot level first after that you will be rewarded with pine logs that will help you to build home easily. Several accessories are available in the game which will help you to design home in your style. You have to spend crafting point in order to get a small box which will help you to collect and store 12 items easily. The available garden bed allows you to grow carrots to be careful to hide essentials as it can be stolen by your competitor.

Get a Backpack Blueprint

A backpack is a must thing to get or unlock as it will empower you to carry 8 articles with you. As per my personal experience, you must focus on green areas as this area indicates and confirm the density of the area. Higher the density means a greater possibility of collecting weapons and armours this comes with greater and stronger enemies to deal with. Be careful and start with low-density green areas as you need to collect weapon before fighting with enemies.


To deal with damage from zombies you must take a dog with yourself. To get a dog one must attach in your inventory otherwise it will be lost. The game allows you to take 2 puppies as you start exploring the location. Take care of their breeding in order to grow them and make stronger.

Be Careful

While playing Last day on earth survival you need to be careful as various pop up will disappear after a certain point of time. Keep an eye on the world map as these pop-ups are really worthwhile but you need to catch them on time.

Make a Group of people with Common Interest

To fight zombies effectively you must create a group of people having the same interest this is an effective strategy and helps you to live longer in game. Also helps in stealing resources of your competitors.

Last Day on Earth Survival: Conclusion

The above tips and tricks will help you to play last day on earth survival more effectively. Play the game and focus on collecting as much as possible. It helps you to become powerful and stay alive longer in the game. Don’t forget to share your experience of playing the game, Still, have any questions unanswered mention it in the comment box below. We will try our best to answer that in upcoming blogs.


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