Many a time, we create an account on some random site and do never visit it back. After a thick period of time, suddenly do we remember that site and oops! Cannot remember the password and username at times. I usually encounter such situations. LastPass is the answer for such kind of situations. And above everything lies the problem of remembering which password have we used for which site. LastPass is a secure platform to store all your passwords. Even if you enter in encrypted form, the LastPass will extract it out right away. Here, I have discussed updated LastPass features and some real LastPass review.

LastPass Features

Automated Onboarding and Offboarding With the Leading Identity Providers 

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The updated Directory Center of LastPass extends the support for popular identity management tools like Microsoft Azure Active Directory and Okta. These tools provide users to deploy their LastPass accounts and provision some. Also, people can even invite other people like employees or collegues to sync on LastPass with the same account.

Less-Privileged Admin Access With the Helpdesk Role

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Many of the IT staff and corporate people, need to use several platforms on daily basis. For them, the LastPass feature of less privileged admin access very much useful and handy tool.

Smart Organization of Work and Personal Passwords

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The Passwords are sorted according to the category and neatly. I like this neat and clean arrangement of passwords. This features is cool and keeps the user really well sorted.

LastPass Premium as an Employee Benefit Option

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Latest LastPass features the Premium packages to be added to LastPass Enterprise purchases. So that businesses can manage the passwords of their employees effectively. This feature helps both employees and the businesses managers.

LastPass Review 2018

LastPass Logs You Out After Finishing Trial Validity

Richard says, “LastPass locked me out of my account shortly after the 30-day Premium trial was up. No warning. I just could no longer log in using the master password I had written down…just in case. LastPass recovery feature doesn’t work and the only customer support they have is through email. I sent a request and have not had a reply after 3 days. I recommend getting a password manager that has decent customer support, which LastPass does not.”

2-Factor Authentication of LastPass Makes it More Secure and Reliable

Freek Voorwinden reviews latest LastPass feature by saying, “LastPass makes setting up stuff like two-factor authentication and the likes as easy as possible, but I am afraid that it is still too difficult for regular users. Also, the vault makes managing websites (I have almost 400 there) as easy and clear as it can be, so it’s beyond me while people still complain about double entries.”

Easy to Use Software

Thom S who used the LastPass reviews that, “I rarely take the time to write reviews, but in this case, I will. Choosing what company to trust with your passwords is an important decision, and my experience may help someone. I used LastPass for two years, so I’ve spent enough time with it both to test it thoroughly, and also for them to sort out any troubles, even those that take some time to fix. The good stuff first. The software is easy to use (which is not always the case with encryption software), although not as slick as some other providers. It’s multi-platform and available offline. The price is lower than some of the more expensive alternatives.”


LastPass has updated itself with even more security features. The real LastPass review will definitely help you in deciding whether to use the LastPass and what all are its upsides. If you have tried LastPass with its latest updates, do let us know review on that. Also, feel free to share your favorite LastPass feature and what makes you like the platform. Or dislike the platform. I personally found the LastPass features to be useful and secure. For more such information, updates and real reviews, stay reading us.



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