Hey, all technology enthusiast there is good news for you. There will be another Android update coming soon to rock the world therefore if you are a Pixel mobile holder or planning to buy you would be happy to know that it’s beta version is available to use for developer’s only.

As it is developers version available for Pixel mobile only. The trial beta version may have various bugs and issues be aware before going to give it a try in preview phase. As per reports on first look, it feels like Android Pie but as it is trial version many things will unfold after its official release. If you are also curious to know features, release date, etc then you are at right place as here we will give you full information about Android Q.

android q
android q

Android Q: What it is all about?

If you are an Android user then you are well aware of android and its updates which comes with a different name. But for others who are not aware of android would like to inform you that it is the upcoming version of Android Os.

It is another advancement to Android series its previous updations are known as a cupcake, doughnut, eclair, froyo, gingerbread, honeycomb, ice cream sandwich, jelly bean, KitKat, lollipop, marshmallow, nought, oreo, pie. Confused with the name? as all existed update was based on bakery sweets. No need to worry as this name is to term trial version only. The official name will be revealed on the official launch of update and expected to follow the trend.

Android Q: When it is going to release?

The second beta version of the upcoming Android update for all pixel device was made available on 3rd April. As it is in beta stage, you will get limited sets of features and may encounter some bugs while using it. Still, want to use? The dates given below belongs to the latest Android updates.

  • March 13 is the date when Android 10 developer beta launched.
  • In April Android Q beta 2 released.
  • Android Q 3 beta is expected to hit the app store in May.
  • In June Beta 4 is expected.
  • Beta 5 and 6 will be there in July.
  • The official final version will be live on August for Google Pixel users.

The official release of the final version doesn’t mean that Android Q will available for every Android phone. It will take some time and will be available for all mobiles holding the same Os mostly expected in the very last of 2019 or can be lead to delay and made available in 2020.

7 Best Features of Android Q Update

By inspecting developer’s version we have extracted the features but it is not guaranteed to be available on it. The observed features are as follows:

Can handle Foldable Screen

As mobile with the foldable screen is coming and can set new trend taking care of that thing. The upcoming Android version is made to handle the device with a foldable screen. This is a key reason why individuals are using beta version to make it convenient with their big screen or foldable screen device.

Power of Dark Mode

Another exciting feature that will be available is the introduction of dark mode. It will take care of your eyes and battery related issues.


This will empower the user to take control over privacy. As you can decide whether the app can access your location or not. This will solve security issues as well.

Sharing is Caring

As we all are familiar about moral values it will be practical in daily life as now you can share Wifi details by showing there Qr code. It will facilitate quick and easy access to Wifi.

Disallow Notifications

Dislike repetitive notifications? Good news for you as now you can disallow notifications it will ban that notification for future or you can silent that notification to be view silently.


If not familiar with term bubble you can check FB messenger message bubble same like that now you can operate multiple tasks at the same time without disturbing entire screen.

Personalize your Device

Now you can customize your Android device with your chosen colours. As in Android Q, you can change the colour of UI with colours like Blue, Green, Purple, Black, etc colours. A new battery symbol will inform you in case your battery reaches alarming levels means the battery is going to die.


Well, You can experience Android Q beta version but due to bugs and other issues. We advise you to be patient and wait for the official launch of Android Q. The above information will give you an idea of the Android Q beta version. Still, have any issues mention it in the comment box below. We will try our best to answer that in our upcoming blogs.  


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