Every game has it’s own aura and time. There was a time when Pokemon Go was on hype. Candy crush was once on everyone’s mobile. And now, PubG is running on the peak, these days. There won’t be a person who has not heard about PubG yet. More than 80% of people playing the PubG are already addicted to the game. Some of them even admit of deleting the game and then reinstalling again and again. PubG developers have really nailed the strategy of keeping the players. PubG for mobile is a most downloaded game of the year. And they are trying to upgrade themselves frequently. Here, I am explaining, a brief about the latest PubG update on mobile.

Latest PUBG Update:

PUBG Mobile version 0.9.5 is the beginning of Royale Pass Season – 4

New update means the new features. And new features of PubG will never fail to excite you. If you have signed up for Royale Pass, you will be able to access a lot of new content. The content will comprise of new firearm finishes, rare outfit rewards, new character faces and hairstyles, and much more. The PubG mobile new update also brings up an updated list of weapon – the M762 automatic rifle, and the Scooter vehicle has also been added to the Sanhok map. The map also has been updated with some cool features like dynamic weathers and all.

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PUBG Mobile version 0.9.5 patch notes

PUBG Update

I am sharing with you some cool features added to PubG mobile new update. And these are reasons why you update your game.

The M762 automatic rifle

The M762 automatic rifle is added that can be found on all maps. The rifle is the first 7.62mm automatic rifle that accommodates stocks. It has 3 firing modes – single shot, triple shot, full-auto.

Added Scooter

The updated version has updated Scooter to Sanhok maps. Scooter can carry the utmost 2 players.

Maps got updated with weather feature


The Sanhok maps are updated with cool features like weather dynamics. Now you can experience the weather changes between sunny, rain and foggy, randomly.

Hardcore Week and Hardcore Mode

Added Hardcore Mode. In this mode, footstep sounds and audio cues are removed for the better experience on your mobile device. However, the hardcore mode will be available periodically in the form of “Hardcore Week”.


Added weapons and features

Added more of firearm finishes, rare outfit rewards, new character faces, and hairstyles. Also, 600 UC to Elite Pass rewards is added for players to purchase next season’s Pass.

Fine-tuned the redemption feature

With Fine-tuned feature of redemption, Elite Pass holders can purchase discounted items with BP or RP points

Added Mission Cards for players

The Mission Cards help players to complete the harder missions.

Added a system

The system has been added where the odds of getting certain crate items are increased drastically. But for a limited validation.

PUBG Update: Few Other improvements

  • Matchmaking and Chats are now supported for not choosing a second language
  • The messages system is improvised to consume less RAM and store up more messages
  • Tuned the front page of the shop. The front page focuses on weapon finish themes.


As far as I know, PubG is beyond-popular game. Certainly, you might be one of the PubG addicted players. Let us know your reviews on PubG. Also, tell us about your take on the latest PubG update mobile. I personally like the added features on Sanhok maps. Both the added features, of scooter and weather, are fantastic. Have you tried yet? Which is your personal feature of the game? On the go, we are going to keep you updated with similar updates here forth. Stay reading us.


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