If you are a Lego fan then you know the list of Lego Games PS4 is geared to enhance your gaming experience. Over the years you have seen that Lego build their games on all the popular films franchise making it a best seller PS4 games.

Whether it is Lego games ps4 2018 or Lego games ps4 2019. You can get the whole site map to get your best games here. You can easily find the top listed Lego games at the best prices in the following Lego games ps4 review.

Well, my whole article is going to give you the entire site map of where to get your best Lego games ps4.I have also given you all the Lego games ps4 store maps to find the best ones to play.

lego games ps4

List of Lego Games Ps4 2019 with Price & Review

Well without further explanations, which I suppose we all the know the best Lego games are all out there. You can just find your closest marketplace below and make your own pick.

Lego Disney Pixar’s The Incredibles 

Here in this game, you would need to utilize the power of the Parr family. Famously from The Incredibles franchise to get your big Lego structures done.

You will have to fight the villains to keep your city or district safe and gives you two modes to play on. Single and multiplayer. You get a few side games to participate in this too.

If you are wondering about the Lego games ps4 price for the above then it is only $27 on Amazon.

Lego Marvel Superheroes 2 | Best Lego Games PS4 EB games

If you are looking for the best Lego games ps4 eb games then you can rest assured this is one of their best ones till now. EB is an Australian video game company who has made some of the finest Lego Marvel franchise games so far.

You can choose your superhero or super villain, may that be the Hulk or Thanos. You can battle each other in a Lego marvel universe crossing all marvel characters as we know it. Better yet, you get to play in any time period or place in the world. May that be Bulgaria or Ancient Egypt.

Lego Marvel Avengers | Lego Games PS4 CEX

This is one of the best Lego games ps4 to start with. It gives you a lot of control over where you want to team up with your best avengers. You get to explore any part of the universe. Choose your avengers avatar and build the avengers to fight the super villains.

If you are looking for the second hand games for Lego games ps4 cex then you can find it here too.

Lego Worlds

If you are looking for an overdose on Lego games then this is the ideal one for you get started on with on ps4. Simply because it is true the very core of Lego. Build blocks, create your imagination.

It is an open world game where if you want to build anything, the Lego blocks are a few clicks away. Apart from just walking on the Lego world, you can hop on choppers, many other bikes. You get a whole collection of vehicles to play with and build.

Lego Batman 3 – Beyond Gotham 

As a Batman fan I hardly had any choice but to play this game. You can play a number games in the Lantern world. Moreover, this is the first Lego Batman franchise that lets you play as Batman and his allies.

Your ultimate goal is to fight off Brainiac and engage in different Lantern worlds and collect the Lantern Rings. You get 150 characters to unlock along your way to play. You also get to choose from the Justice League members and use the Bat Computer to access your missions.

If you are in the UK and need more marketplaces you can access the Lego games Ps4 argos. Argos is one of the largest video game market places in the UK. Get Lego Batman 3 on Argos here.

Lego STAR WARS : The Force Awakens Delux Edition 

Coming from the same storyline of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, you get to play all the major characters. Like Han Solo, Chewbacca, Rey. You can also access a few other films franchise of Star Wars too.

It is a multi build system where you can have many puzzles to solve and build anything you like in the Star Wars universe. It is also as playing in the movie with the same graphics and even the vehicles.

2019 Most Awaiting List of Lego Games PS4 Store

You know what, I love graphic work and these 10 lego games amazed me with their graphic work. Let’s have a look:

We have also covered the exclusive difference between Roblox and Minecraft in our recent article, so if you are fan of these game, I recommend you to check out the comparison especially the video, you will be amazed to see those comparison videos.


Well those were my list for the best Lego games ps4 available right now. Let me know in the comments section which one was the best for you and why? Which one you gonna love?


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