Letterkenny season 9: when will it air?

Letterkenny is a Canadian originated Television series which is created by Jared Keeso. This situation comedy series was originally released as a Youtube series, but its huge popularity led it to be commissioned as a T.v. series by Crave in 2015. It aired its first season in February 2016. This series was also aired on the Comedy network.

As behind every successful series, there is a great cast and crew. so Letterkenny is developed and written by Keeso and Jacob Tierney, Directed by Tierney this series a huge hit since the release of its first season.

The series also won the award for best comedy series in 2017. The series was also released in the U.S. by Hulu. There are a total of eight seasons of the series with every season receiving very positive reviews.

As an overview, the story of Letterkenny revolves around a small rural Canadian community named Letterkenny. the story deals with the life of small-town peoples and their problems. The story focuses on two siblings Wayne and Katy.

Letterkenny season 9
Letterkenny season 9

Where Wayne wants everyone to know him as the toughest guy and he also tries to break various relationships of his sister Katy with the men he does not like much. Basically, the plot shows the small-town peoples and their low intelligence levels with a spice of situational comedy and humor.

Letterkenny season 9: will there be a season 9 release? When will it air? Get all updates here.

From receiving a rating of 8.5 on IMDB and also receiving an award for best comedy series. All of the 8 seasons of Letterkenny were a great success.

After this huge success fans were eagerly waiting for a ninth part update. As a piece of good news for fans, the show already commissioned season ninth of the series in June. However, there is information available for the exact release date of the season ninth.

But stories are that there are a total of six episodes in every season which will not take much time for production. So, we could expect to see season 9 in mid of 2021. However, there might be delays in the production due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

As per the news, there might be 3 more seasons to come as the show has gained much popularity. However, it has not been confirmed officially. Although for a show with a huge fan base 3 more seasons are just not enough. Stay tuned with us for more updates! adios.


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