Linux is one of the leading operating systems and it is considered as the best suited operating system for servers, mainframe computers or supercomputers. Linux is also widely used as free and open source software and is like the UNIX operating system. Today I am going to guide you about Linux Fedora installation procedure of a widely used operating system.

Important Note: For the installation of any new operating system you must be aware of the system requirements and if your laptop or computer meets the specifications area then you can properly install the new operating system. But if you have important data then takes its back up before.

Choose the Distribution of Linux:

You have to first choose the best distros (distributions) for installation purpose according to your requirement or choice. More than 600 Linux distributions are available yet in the market. Some famous distributions are Fedora (red hat), Mandriva Linux, Ubuntu, and Gentoo.

Download From the Internet:

Linux is an open source operating system you can download it directly from the internet. For this purpose, you need memory nearly 10 GB to save it in any drive. You can perform Linux Fedora installation easily so after downloading it you have to save it on CD/DVD for this purpose you need a CD burner and Nero.

Make the Partition for Installation:

After completing the process of converting OS  to CD /DVD now you need to manage your computer’s hard drive. I will recommend you to Linux Fedora installation on a freshly formatted drive.  Do not overwrite Linux Fedora installation on the existing operating system firstly manually delete old partition and free nearly 20 GB drive for installation of Linux. For manually deletion or creation of partition you have to follow these instructions:

Go to “Start” >>Control panel>>Administrative Tools>> Computer Management>>Disk Management

After reaching to the disk management select the desired drive and right click on the drive. The pop-up window will display a list of options you have to select “Delete “for the deletion of the partition.N ow you can configure your partitions for the new operating system  Linux Fedora installation.

Boot From CD/DVD:

Now you have to insert CD/DVD in the CD Room and then you restart your computer to start the booting process of Linux Fedora installation. A screen with some options will appear before, you have to simply choose “install” from the window and then press Enter to start the installation process.

The Configuration of Hardware:

After the installer will start installation it will ask you about the hardware components and setting. It will ask you about the media check you have to click on “OK” button and then prompted to the next test media window. Now you have to select the “Test” button and then press enter key. A processing bar will have appeared before you to show you that the testing is yet in progress state for Linux Fedora installation. Then you have to simply wait for a while after some time a splash screen will appear before with the Fedora icon. Move on and click on the “Next” button.

Keyboard Selection:

Next window will ask you to “select the appropriate keyboard for the system” for Linux Fedora installation and a list will be offered with options you have to select your desired keyboard configuration and after selection click on the “next” button.

Select Host-Name:

During Linux Fedora installation the next window will ask you to enter the host-name for your computer. This hostname is required for your network configuration. A default name will also be offered but if you want to explicitly perform setting of the hostname then enter your desired host-name and enter “next” button.

Select Time Zone & Password:

On the next window you will be required to select the region and time zone and after choosing your appropriate time zone click on “next” button after this process the next appeared window will inquire you about the password setting select a 6 digit strong password which will be considered as the root password.

Select Drive:

Now in Linux Fedora installation, the time is to select your partitioned drive for the installation purpose you have to choose “Use entire drive” and move to the further step until selecting the “write changes to disk”. After doing so if you are going to enable encryption in Linux Fedora installation then choose a key for security purpose. Then choose the bootloader option and click on the “next” button.

Customize Software:

Next window in Linux Fedora installation will allow you to customize your desired software’s on the new operating system. You can install them now or later after doing so click on “next” button.

Ready to Use:

Some processing bars will appear before you to show you the packages installation are in processing state after that you finally reach your goal and you have done your Linux Fedora installation on your PC. Simply reboot it and enjoy!


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