Minecraft vs Roblox | Who will Win The Title of “The Best Sandbox Game”


When it comes to sandbox games, Minecraft and Roblox, you know there is an almost head to head competition. Minecraft vs Roblox is a debate many get in to. Especially, when you bump in to a fan who has not played Minecraft before, or Roblox.

So, basically I will breaking down your Minecraft vs Roblox debate on multiple different levels. Skins, graphics, interface everything.


When it comes to Minecraft, what hasn’t already been said? A Sandbox game where you can program anything in to it and determine your game and your rules. Available on PS4, Xbox One, Xbox 360, this is a game that takes story telling to a new level.


Similarly like Minecraft, you get to build your own games and play on a massive multiplayer server, games created by others. Like Minecraft though, the biggest difference lies in the graphics for you. Roblox is LEGO like graphics.

Available on almost all app stores online.

Minecraft vs Roblox

The debate on Minecraft vs Roblox can be put to rest once you have actually played both. They are highly distinctive in the following aspects;


Upfront, Minecraft is not free. You have to buy it for $26.95. Bur, Roblox use the free till a point stricture.

Roblox the game will let you play certain levels for free, then ask you for a subscription fee at a point. That’s when you really get to do the fun stuff. For Roblox gamers you already know that Roblox comes with a level upgrade package too.

User Friendly

Minecraft the game has to grow on you. It gives you not list of rules. You are forced to learn from exploration and discovery. That is also why there are so many fan content available for Minecraft online. You have to reply no those and Minecraft wiki.

You can do anything you want except a few exceptions on Minecraft. But, Roblox let’s you do anything you want. It can get boring get boring at times when you are on the multiplayer server playing someone else’s game that has different rules. As, you have no control over someone else’s game.

Gaming Interface

When it comes to Minecraft vs Roblox, it basically boils down to opinion. One of the biggest differences between Minecraft and Roblox is that Minecraft can be played offline.

You need the internet each and every time you want to Roblox. But, on the other hand Minecraft would take up a lot of space in your hard disk. Chances are if you are using a budget laptop or PC, it may not even work well on it.

Roblox is about 15-20MB so that is not much when it comes to storage.


When it comes to Minecraft you get a lot of brick-ish styled blocks with which you end up building everything. Where as Roblox gives you multi textured LEGO-ish blocks. This is even more enhanced in Minecraft as it is a comprehensive multiple server game and a real time game.

Roblox is a multi player game too but the game durations are shorter.

However, we have done comparison based on price, user friendly, game interface and graphics, but as a gamer, Here are few comparison based on activities between Minecraft and Roblox such as Lava, Zombie, Trampoline, Shooting, Parkour, Falling down, Car, Swimming, take damage, PVP, Smack, cutting tree, mining, drinking, cooking, fire, snow, boat, water slide, diving, dancing, roller coaster etc which you just can’t deny to watch:

Comparison between activities of Minecraft and Roblox

Don’t Miss Out Watching Part 2 as I loved It??

DanOMG- YT channel did great work and offered few more activities which shows the real comparison between minecraft and roblox. Here, he covered Dragon, snowman, sword etc.

Final Verdict | Who Won The Title of “”The Best Sandbox Game”

I left it to you. I am a fan of Roblox and I love it more than Minecraft reason being the graphic touch in Roblox game but as I said, I left it to you. Both are equally credible games so I can’t give this title to roblox. Please let us know in the comment section “Who won  the title of Best Sandbox Game & Why”?


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