Newgrounds is an online entertainment portal and social media website. This site consists of gaming, filming, art, music all are user-generated content. Newgrounds also provided visitor driven voting. The name of the site owner is Tom Fulp, who founded this site in 1995. There are four portals available on this website where you can upload user-generated animations.

The name of those four portals is game, movie, audio & art. The submission generated by host user will enter the process termed Blam-and-protect system, where it gets reviewed and rated up to 5 stars. On the basis of this rating, it is decided that the content will get saved or blamed (which means deleted but still saved). Content must follow the guidelines of the site or else any kind of violation with the guidelines of the site is liable to the site moderators for review.

There is also internet forum available with the name site community portal, where all the users can interact with each other through this portal. If it is found that these forums are not following the proper guidelines they can be blocked.

Apart from this, there is another way of communication available that is message where users can interact with each other with the help of text message it is very much similar service as Email. Live chat facility is also available. One more key feature of this portal is “supporter upgrade” the role of this feature is to take subscription charges or donations so that this website can run without any financial issue and also whole soul dependency for finance should not be on the advertisement.

Few Best Pointers Which Have Given Benefit to Many People are Discussed Below:

• People have got the opportunity to explore their talent with the help of this website. Many people who are interested in creating images & animations have got this platform for exploring here talent. By 1999 new ground was very much popular and many flash artists wanted to showcase their movies & games through this media.

• In the year 2003, this website was again enhanced and one additional feature of audio was added so that artist can make team with musicians and perform.

• Newgrounds has been expanded beyond flash as well, now an artist can also upload animations in video format that is (MP4).

Background of Newgrounds:

The year 1990’s:

In 1991 Tom Fulp at the age of 13 launched a neo geo fanzine under the name “new ground” sending the issue to approx… 100 members of the club who were available on the internet at that time. Firstly the name of this site was (Newgrounds remix). Slowly gradually the website was developing but in summers of 1996, the popularity of this website was on par.


Fulp keeps on experimenting with the website for its development & later he introduced his secondary site that is “Telebubby Fun land” but later he merged his both the websites & made one new website name Newgrounds. Later on, Fulp partnered with Troma who also hosted the site and both the partners shared the ad revenue in exchange. Both the partners introduce the banners and ad on their website in order to generate income in 1999’s.

Later on, they both worked on the website and as per the need of the hour chat room, text message facility was added on the website with the help of these facilities people use to interact with each other frequently. Later on, people started giving their own flash content to Fulp and Fulp decided to dedicate one portion for such content named “the portal”

Ross the partner of Fulp decided to develop a system “Ground gold system” which allows users to vote and to gain a point if they visit the website. Till that time revenue from advertisement was increased hence Fulp hired Ross for developing automated portal which will submit the animated content of people. This was the whole story of the 1990’s.

In the Year 2000:

In 2000 dot-com bubble was collapsed due to which Newgrounds started struggling financially. They were not able to give even their hosting cost hence they changed their host and switched to another bandwidth provider which reduced the cost. Later in 2004 Newgrounds again started recovering from the market recession and Numa Numa dance got viral which made it debut on Newgrounds. In June 2009 the complete version of the art portal was launched also the companies headquarter was renovated in this year.

The Year 2010

In the year 2011 Adobe sponsored NATA means Newgrounds Annual Tournament of Animation began as 4 to 6 months long animation competition. Next year in 2012 Newgrounds published his first mobile game named GroundCats. That same year a big major change happened to the website wherein they launched video player which allows users to submit movies but the condition was that.SWF format was not allowed.

Again, in the year 2013 site faced a big loss and gone through the period of recession they closed their online market. Year after platform mobile games again Geometry dash developed by Rob top games allowed so GPS for Newgrounds to be used in the level made.

Newgrounds Games:

Below are the names of few games available on Newgrounds site:

newgrounds games

New Games:

Pixel Invaders, Star Crash, Escape the room, Trippyland puzzle crawler, Ninja Jump, Jail, Voltage, Floating Alien city,, Broken sentences, blooming love.

Popular Games:

Zs- Dead Detective,, space jumper,free.will, Rectavoid,redraw,City of Grey demo, Skeleton Dress up, Ultima, dwarf quest, Redraw version(2.7), Escape solitude, Eyeball Shooter, space jumper, skeleton dress up,, broken sentences, Battle for the galaxy, Wartune, League of angels, Naruto Online, Helmet Heroes, Lunaria Story, Dragon Pals, Super Mechs.

Games with Medals:

Dark Night Escape, the strange disappearance of Eldon Grave, Chikaboom, Tony Glocks pro skater, super Mario, Vac jump 2, Locked in escape school, Martian system, Super Grower, Mai- chan’s sweet buns, Just offline friends, Basala: The onion, The Vampire Diarrhea, Kill bugs, Big city escape, cityhoppin, Miniwizard, crafty Adventure, The lost temple two.

Below are the Names of a Few Newgrounds Games Which are Available With Scoreboard:

Pixel Invaders, dark night Escape, Where Damo ?, m-k=f, El Silla, hit with a chair, Foreign frugglers, the lost temple, mini-wizard are few games which are available with the scoreboard.

Name of Newgrounds Games Which are Available With Content Sharing Feature:

Cityhoppin, The ball, Kill da guy 2, Zombie Rush, Wacko Watt mazes, Punch out Tom Fulp, Resident Evil Ebola, Madness Throne, Nock Nock Nocking, Make me gorged, Chill out Zombies, Space wars, Soul deception true story, Pixel box world, Super polytris, Spring Ninja, Weedman, Motorjoust, Social planets, The black knight rises, Less is more, Mineral more.

Above mentioned list clearly indicates that Newgrounds has a wide variety of games available such as games with the scoreboard, games with a medal, popular games and also newgrounds games available with content sharing facility.

Humble Bundle is the best website to buy online games. This website has a different variety of games. If you want to know the about the humble dumble website just click here.

Newgrounds Audio:

There is a wide variety of audio available on Newsground, mentioning the names of few below:

newgrounds audio

New Audio:

Victory, for now, Hass me, botdance, creator, free like a star, Bonetrousle, sea of Thieves.

Few popular Audio Available:

MDK- press start, shark- embers, Saiph epimedium, We are number one remix, undertale song- Bonetrousle remix, dirty paws – secrets.

Best Audios:

OMFG- Nope (Dex Arson Remix), paradigmatic, direction, transient, beep beep I am a sheep, artifactual, base after base 2.0, teslax – false consciousness collapse.

Best audios of the Year:

Teminite: Ascent, Aeolia, Rotten but not forgotten, Bossfight, Creo, Spirit of the lilies, Xtrullor – Arcane.

High Ranking Classics:

Paragon X9- Chaoz Fantasy, Env- Heaven RD.2, Glorious Morning, Runaway, Guitar Vs. Piano 1.2, Paragon X9 Chaoz Impact, Paragon X9 Chaoz Airflow, Garden party.

Above mentioned list indicated that Newgrounds has a wide variety of audios available with special categories such as best and popular audio, high ranking audios which make Newsround special.

Newgrounds Movies:

Name of New Newgrounds Movies: Dragon ball Universal, Mario & Luigi short, sweat16, Nothing to KRYY about, Everything is terrible, The Sergio show episode, The star war Columbus day, Long & personal story, Obligatory building montage- gift for Tomo baster, The flatlands.

newgrounds movies

Few popular Newgrounds Movies:

Down the dungeon, Gas guzzler, What’s in the basement, TD- the divide part 1, Hazbin hotel cleanup scene- Angel reputation scene, Hank is gone, The average Mili player, T-rex eats a cup cake.

Best Movie of the Year:

Yes, papa, Madness artifacts, Paradigmadness 2, Startship Goldfish, My smash academia, Legend of Tomato, The simple plot of Final fantasy, Shrek is tired, 64 bits cupsouls, get out of my car, Hiro the dense, Butterfingering, Captain tardigrade – Prophecy of the sun people, Retro aecade anime, A life without Facebook, are the names of the best Newgrounds movies of the year.

High Ranking Classic Movies:

The ultimate showdown, There she is, Dad’s home, There she is – final step, Metal gear awesome 2, The Tale Teller, Animation vs. minecraft, Tarboy.

As you can see above-mentioned list indicates that there is a huge variety of movies available you can choose the movie as per your likings and choice for entertainment.

Newgrounds Art:

When you will log in to the website you will find certain categories of art such as new art, popular art, & best arts.

Alternative of Newgrounds:

Kongregate: It is a free game that you can play online. You can choose your favorite game from thousands of other online games, play them as per your feasibility and win the badges.

It is an American web mobile portal for playing online games. You can also talk in and make various friends; this website also has some achievement system in which you get certain points after winning the game and after certain point collection this website allows you to upgrade your game level up.

Friv: This is also a very best place to play free online games. Friv games include friv car, friv puzzle, friv girl game, friv dress and many more. The best part of this website is that this provides you educational games. This website offers you a wide variety of games which can be played by your kids. Game name will appear on the homepage when you will click on the image the game will get started.

Armour Games: This is a website based in Irvin, California and it hosts free flash based online games. It was founded by Daniel Mcneely in 2004. Here you can create your profile and can chat with the users. Under the name, Armour game company has also started developing for Steam, mobile devices, and consoles.

Ninja Kiwi: It is an online video game founded in Auckland, New Zealand in 2006 by Chris and Stephen Harris. The first game of Ninja Kiwi was browser based game named cash sprint, it was developed on the adobe flash platform. At present they have published more than 60 games across including adobe flash, android, IOC, play station & etc: Ninja Kiwi has a virtual currency known as Nk coins.

Shockwave: is an amazing website for free online games. Here you have a chance to play with games and also you have a wide variety of games available for entertainment.

Addicting Games: This is also an online game facility where you can find the different variety of games such as flash game, dress up the game, internet games, shooting game and many more.

Overgames: Free online games such as puzzle game, adventurous game, action game, sports game, fun games, multiplayer games and many more can be a good source of entertainment.


Above mentioned are few popular alternatives of Newgrounds and apart from that, there are many more, such as candy games, not doppler, Gamez bud, Mirchi games, GameZ in, VR games which have a similar feature like Newgrounds which are the great source of entertainment and can provide you great fun. It is also very much beneficial for your kids as certain sites offer educational games for kids. All you need to do is to ask your kids to play it in a proper manner and for the proper duration so that it does not affect the other important activities of life.

Newgrounds was started in 1995 and till now has several attractive features of art, movie, games, and innovative portals which can provide the good platform to the new users who are interested in animation and creating content. Furthermore, improvisation chances are there which can improve this website more.






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