Get Ready to Show your Aadhaar to have a Drink at a Pub


Show your Aadhaar to have a Drink at a Pub: People have to be ready to show the Adharcard before entering into the Pub. The Telangana prohibition and excise department have made the Adharcard mandatory to enter into the pub. Adharcard is an identity card for entry. The step is an attempt for checking the entry of monitors at pubs where they often served the alcohol.

Get Ready to Show your Aadhaar to have a Drink at a Pub

Show your Aadhaar to have a Drink at a Pub

In the investigation of the 17 years old girl revealed that she along with the other minors who have served alcohol at a city-based hotel. That girl was found by the investigators. And she was a student of Silver Oaks Schoo, and she was a frequent pub goer. And this incident has raised the question that is the entry of the minors to the pub and where they have served alcohol.

The Telangana Prohibition and Excise Department order all the pub owners to collect all the client Adharcard to prove their age. And below 21 years age people will not be allowed to the pub. Before entering to the pub, owners must check the clients Adharcards.

The commissioner excise, RV Chandravadan told that the department is insisting on the identity proofs from the minors for checking the drunk drives. They also told the pub owners to serve the liquor in the limited quantity and to tie up with the cab aggregators like Uber and Ola for providing the save rides.

The government of Telangana has instructed to bar, and pub owners maintain the register with all the client’s details. The SIT investigated the synthetic drug racket which has given warning to the 14 city pubs and suspended the license. The government has given warned to the hotels and pubs against the consumption and sales of drugs in their premises.


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