Uber Lost its Licence to Operate in UK: Huge Blow to Uber!!!


Uber Lost its Licence to Operate in UK: Recently London transport regulatory authority has rejected the to renew the license of the Uber. It is the largest transport service all over the world and lost its license to operate in London. And in a statement, it TfL said that Uber is fit for holding the private operator license. The Uber approach has a lack of responsibility for some issues which have public safety and security said the Transport for London.

Uber Lost its Licence to Operate in UK

Uber Stripped of London: Uber Lost its Licence to Operate in UK

The TfL stated that these Private Hire vehicles London Act 1998 has an appeal within 21 days of the issued date. And this is not clear that whether Uber can operate in October or not. Uber has faced many comments from London unions, judges and as well as from the black cab drivers for the working conditions. All over the world, Uber has faced the rumors which involved many allegations of sexism which leads to the pressure. And it forced out the former CEO and as well as the co-founder Travis Kalanick.

Uber Lost its Licence to Operate in UK

Many people forced to quit the Uber App in the countries like Denmark and Hungary. And it also faced many regulatory battles in the multiple states of United States all around the world. Uber has a current license which operates in London, and it expires on September 30. There are 3.5 million users in London with forty thousand drivers on this service. This Uber has lost its license in May, and TfL has extended it for four months. And the regulatory continued this to grant it the next five years for criticism.

In the last year, the GMB Union helped to bring the two test cases for the UK employment tribunal accusing the Uber of unlawfully acting. This is for not giving the sufficient salaries to the essential workers and even the minimum wages. And this union has raised a petition to TfL for a month. The main reason is for insisting the limits to the Uber driver hour for renewing the Uber license.


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