These days, when everyone is online, I assume they are with unlimited internet providers. Now, internet data packages may vary, certainly. With a lot many devices connected with each other, you need to be connected. Not only for the purpose of fun or simply for staying connected. I do understand the need of being connected for an extremely genuine reason and for the purpose of work. This is when VPN came into the picture. For being connected online, over VPN, it is necessary to be protected. Rather, overprotected. I recommend, checking Nord VPN reviews, that Nord VPN  app is reliable to use. Let me tell you its in-detail features and real user reviews.

Nord VPN Features

Kill Switch

NordVPN app understands your privacy and so automatically kills the connection if your VPN connectivity is interrupted in between. The programs that are running are terminated and ended. I find this feature quite irritating at times, but considering the security, it is cool.

DNS Leak Protection

Nord VPN protects your DNS data, from being able to access by any third person, who is not authorized.

Onion Over VPN

The Nord VPN first checks the network by itself, before granting it permission to the Onion network. Hence, the application is over-protective about the network that is accessing.

SmartPlay for More Than 400 Geo-Restricted Streaming Services

More than 400 geo-restricted streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Pandora, BBC, and many such are accessible with Nord VPN app.

nord vpn reviews


Nord VPN has adopted the algorithms from OpenVPN security. That includes 256-AES-CBC with a 2048bit Diffie-Hellman key. On iOS and MacOS, the data is encrypted via an IKEv2/IPsec protocol; AES-256-GCM and a 3072bit DH key.

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Double Data Protection

As the name, so do the work Double data protection is actually 2 layers of data protection. Your data will be protected by two servers. Your IP address will be known to both the VPN servers.

nord vpn reviews

NordVPN Reviews

Excellent Service by Nord VPN

Adam C. who is a regular user of Nord VPN reviews the application by saying, ” Pros: NordVPN is very easy to use software to protect your privacy online. Once installed you can easily encrypt all your online traffic via a variety of different servers in different countries and different protocols (Double VPN, Onion over VPN). You know that once enabled none of your traffic will be tracked by the network you are on or somebody trying to sniff your logins/passwords on unencrypted public wifi. Note – if you are using Google services even in incognito a lot of what you are doing can still be tracked via your login/hardware id. So if you really need privacy to remember to sign out of these accounts and use tools like Tor Browser to not be tracked.

Can Install Various Devices

“You can install on a variety of devices (computer, tablet, smartphone) with one account and know that when you are using a free wifi service (e.g. hotel, airport, coffee shop) all your communication is secure. You can also circumvent geoblocking if you want to watch your TV services in your home country but that may not be accessible if you are traveling in another country.”

Cons of the Excellent Services

Cons: Routing thru an additional VPN layer can slow down connections, but most servers are fast, and if you get on a slow one you can easily switch to another server/country to try and get faster service. The initial connection on PC can be a bit slow (20-25 secs). Not sure why. iPhone app connects within seconds to the VPN server (5 secs).

nord vpn reviews

Nord VPN Provides Specialty Server Access

Arun K. reviews the app by stating, “Pros: Firstly, its ease of access. Once an account is logged into a device, all it takes is a single click and the software automatically chooses the best server and established an encrypted connection with the device. Secondly, Its ad blocking capabilities. I was simply amazed at its ability to block ads in not just the browsers but also the apps, especially for mobile devices. This was especially a lifesaver for those apps that are over-run by ads. Finally, NordVPN provided me with specialty server access with features like dedicated IP, Double VPN, Onion over VPN and P2P.

Overall Take of the Nord VPN Regarding Security

Overall: “The extra sense of security when transacting with my personal documents and banking transactions. I have also had the benefit of experiencing greater internet speeds, especially on the mobile devices, since it prevents ads from loading up and using the precious bandwidth. Just knowing that there was an additional layer of security between me and a potential hacker outside provides me with an immense sense of relief.”


The real users’ reviews are stating overall nature and useful features of the NordVPN app. The application is secure to use. And is very much concerned about your privacy. Hence, you can rely on the NordVPN app for your connectivities. Let us know, what do you think about the app. Your personal Nord VPN reviews are welcomed. For more such information and updates, stay reading us.


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