Nova Launcher User Must Try These New Features

nova launcher

Every mobile phone seems the same, these days. That is because, every phone has the same application drawer, same appearance, and basically the same internal look. After purchasing a new mobile device, getting the same old look makes us all feel naive and dumb about the phone. No matter how upgraded the OS or processor is. What matters and gives the feel of pro is phone’s appearance. And Nova launcher imparts exactly the same. It gives your phone a completely new look. With Nova launcher, you can have whole new the icon pack, icon look, screen look and overall everything of your phone. How cool it would be that your favorite character is at your fingertips, all the time. Here, I have discussed some cool Nova launcher features that you would definitely love.

Nova Launcher

Nova Launcher Features That You Must Try

Use Gestures for Quick Navigation

One of the features of the premium mobile devices is gestures. With Nova Launcher, you can simply have the premium mobile phone’s feature launched on your device. By using gestures, you can on and off the display, open the camera, switch music, play and pause the same, open torch, and can do many more things. It seems cool, no doubt. But it is also very helpful and efficient way to perform tasks quickly.

Organize That App Drawer

nova launcher

I know that feeling of having a new device and wondering what is new in this exactly! Everything lies in Application drawer at last. At first, indeed. Why not make it cool with cool app drawers. Something like your favorite cartoon, or your game series. That way your mobile appear new to you and to others as well.

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Frequent and Recent Apps

With this cool Nova launcher feature, frequently used and recently apps are smartly sorted. You can choose how and where to make them appear. Also, you have the choice to arrange those apps vertically sideways or above or in the bottom. You can even make them appear in the animated form or with special transaction effect. With this feature, you can smartly operate your phone. Also, you don’t need to visit your home screen for opening up a new app. Nova launcher has a feature that places an app button on the screen. Similar goes with the recent apps button. And buttons are customizable, so you will love them.

Sesame Shortcuts for Even Deeper Integration

nova launcher

Sesame search of Nova increases the range and depth of search and shortcuts. You can directly hop inside the applications with this Nova launcher feature. It is amazing. You can search for whatever you want, you are directly inside the app. The search that allows you to scan your whole mobile. Literally!


The Nova launcher comes with awesome features for not only home screen, app drawer, individual and system-wide icon customization. But it has some features that meet your imagination. Like, multiple pages and folders for the app dock and resizable widgets with their icon customization. It also has togglable persistent search bars with numerous styles, a range of animations for scroll effects, wallpaper scrolling, and customizable notification badges. Also, allows importing and exporting of your home screen to move it between devices. These are a lot of options for tweaking and modifying your Android experience to just how you like it. Let us know why you love Nova Launcher in the comments below. For more such information, stay reading us.



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