OkCupid is a trustworthy dating app that lets you connect with the like-minded people. In this world full of fake facets and trendy lifestyles, how to seek your kind of. Well, seeking a person who fits your expectation is quite a big deal in the world constantly wearing masks. OkCupid dating app stands out with its unique features of revealing the genuine personalities and their true likes and dislikes.

With the OkCupid dating app, you get to know the person before you actually meet them. Many a time, people create a profile and people tend to be different afterward. Hence, people may be misled. Here is where OkCupid dating app comes in. The app asks certain questions and takes a personality test to know the person right.

OkCupid Dating App Features

OkCupid Dating App has several features that let you know the person inside out with their hobbies, interests, and personalities.

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OkCupid Has a Genuine List of Match Questions

Match Questions of OkCupid dating app asks users to answer the questions list about their color choices, food choices and almost any other choices. OkCupid gets to know the views on several other issues. With every question that you answer, your matching system gets updated. Thus you can enjoy more accuracy in matching the pairs.

Ockupid Tests the Personality Traits Logically

With certain questions list, you will be able to know the personality of another person. The Personality Trait result is generated on the basis of certain questions. The personality trait, thus generated, is displayed on your profile. So you can know the person you are about to interact.

OkCupid has a DoubleTake

The DoubleTake feature was formerly known as QuickMatch. DoubleTake shows a detailed profile information of a person. So that you can have a most matched and accurate date. The DoubleTake matches are based on what you have put in the “Looking For” section of your profile. The percentage of your match reveals the accuracy of the match.

OkCupid Reviews

OkCupid is the Easiest way of Getting to Know New People

“OkCupid is quick and easy to find many interesting members to talk with, flirt with, and meet up with. There is no lack of profiles to look through and with plenty of search options available you can take full advantage of the OkCupid site and mobile app and enjoy flirting to your heart’s content. But to find a more serious relationship, OkCupid is not suitable in order to find his partner for life.”

OkCupid is a Reliable App to Know a Person Inside Out

Male Bassist from Manhattan gives a real OkCupid review by saying, “This is my go-to dating website right now. I like reading my potential match’s profile because it really gives you a lot of information on their views and interests. Reading through them will give you a good idea if you two will click or not, and I’m not the type of guy to go in blind. I just don’t like it when other people leave their profiles blank or don’t answer the questions. Of course, I don’t message them, but it feels like such a waste – maybe they were perfect for you, but since they didn’t write anything, you’ll never know.”

The OkCupid App is Opened to Anyone of Any Age and any Background

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“The site prides itself on being open to everyone. OkCupid users come from all walks of life – different age range, sexual preference, gender, ethnicity, and social background. Users also vary in terms of what they’re looking for on the online dating website. While some members are looking for lifetime partners, a majority of OkCupid’s members use the site to find casual dates or hookups.”


The OkCupid dating app is reliable and trustworthy and is allowed for everyone of any age group and any background. In case you are using the app, let us know your OkCupid review in the comments section below. For more such application reviews, features and latest updates, stay reading us.


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