Poco Launcher Vs Nova Launcher

Poco Launcher VS Nova Launcher | Which One is Better

November 21, 2018 Agraj Agrawal 0

Xiaomi recently launched their new android launcher that is POCO launcher. One can download and install the same from Google Play store and it also comes pre-installed in Poco Devices. One can use the Poco Launcher with any android device of your choice.  There are many other Android launchers available Read More

messenger kids

All You Need To Know About Messenger Kids

November 19, 2018 Swati kadam 0

Humans are a social animal. In this online and digital era, humans are socially active, digitally. Kids, these days need to learn at a very early age about how to handle the internet. The Internet is full of information and people, from all around the world. As a teen or Read More


Newgrounds- A New Source of Entertainment

November 14, 2018 Sanya Sharma 0

Introduction: Newgrounds is an online entertainment portal and social media website. This site consists of gaming, filming, art, music all are user-generated content. Newgrounds also provided visitor driven voting. The name of the site owner is Tom Fulp, who founded this site in 1995. There are four portals available on Read More

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