Paper io is what landed on Vodoos gaming map for mobiles. But due to its massive popularity, it becomes the top mobile publisher. Also came up with several games but today here I will show the overall like game concept, design and difficulty level that too with a trick.

The psychological effect makes the player come back to play the game again and again. The agenda of the game is to control the whole arena that is 100% of it. You play the game in the form of the small ever moving square that too of blue colour. Several other players play like you having the same given goal as you have. You differentiate on the basis of colour when you are in your colour territory you are safe while moving you leaves a line and coming back to your territory are added in your area.

If you are being hit by someone you will die your territory is lost and you have to start up again. In the original game, you can move up, down, left, right but now in the second game you can move anywhere you want. The arena is circular this time not square as previous gives a new feeling and change.

The GamePlay of Paper io

Yes, Game mechanics is a must to understand before playing this game. The first thing you must to understand that you are not playing or competing with human players. If not humans? Than who? Simply you are competing with bots. That means it is competition between you and a Bunch of AI which gives a thrill feel as shown science fiction movies.

Whenever you enter into the game it is already started that means you are dropped in between an ongoing game. Several AI bots already captured a chunk of the arena along with new bots are getting added to the game.

That means no matter how many bots you kill they keep coming the relaxing factor is no matter how many bots are there but no one infiltrate your captured territory.

The number of bots also indicates the level of difficulty of the game. In starting if you spawn in 0.66% of the arena and if there are 10 bots they will roam and occupy remaining 99.345 of space. If you own the 50% area the ten bots will roam and capture the remaining 50% of the arena.

In the second condition it the arena becomes more congested and it is hard to roam or move out of your territory without getting hit into other bot or territory. This is how the game becomes more difficult less space also indicates the game is moving to the end. But by going with a strategy which I use you can do much better.

Strategy You Need for Paper io

I have developed the strategy for Paper io by observing the AI of the game carefully so just follow the strategy given below:

  • Use Walls – The edge of the arena or your screen the ist corner are the safest place as bots hardly roam there. You will be safe from bots and congestion also you can’t die by hitting walls.
  • Know Who you can kill first – Yes before going for an aggressive move you must know you can or not. Just enjoy your own territory and observe other bots when they are at distance with their territory to make the move and kill them.
  • Capture enemies space directly by killing them – Whenever you kill a boat their territory disappears that is the right time to capture their territory and increase your space. As other bots will not roam right after their killing it take a while for them to react.
  • Do not go too far from your space – By doing this you can minimise your die possibility as most of the hits take place when returning to your territory. No another way to keep you safe as if other person came in the way of your territory there is no way to save yourself.

How To Win A Paper io Game?

As the game starts the screen displays your current character and your high score. Also displays the percentage of the highest area you achieved. You can select any of your desired player which is unlocked by you. Later, you can start the game.

To win you must capture as much territory as you can that too while killing your competitors. You also get an opportunity to watch the advertisement in order to gain an extra life. You can also reject the offer and return to the main screen.


Hey, fellas are you ready to experience the all-new paper io game which is a fun, frolic and stresses buster. I hope you like the information shared above if yes kindly refer it to your friends and family members.

Do not forget to share what like in us what changes you expect in future and additions to make. Rush up and fill up the comment box below with all your love and support.    




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