In this digital era, we all share our day to day activities on Social Media and Adding a photo to it makes it catchy and attractive. Today every mobile has a camera which makes it handy to click pictures and instantly share it.  But today to keep yourself in the race and look presentable you need good quality photos.

Several issues occur like low light exposure, bad background etc which make pics odd. To rectify these issues you need to edit your pics with a Pixlr this will do wonders. So, unlock your creativity and make your photos best of all by using Pixlr App. All you just need to make a beautiful combination of over 2 million free effects available. So without wasting any more time let’s get started.

pixlr app

What is Pixlr App?

Pixlr app is an online photo editing tool available for free on the Google Play store. One of the best option if looking for a photo editor app. Pixlr app gives you mobility without compromising on quality as effective tools are given. This powerful tool consists of thousands of free effects available you can combine together these in order to create a magnificent photo. Your pics are completely safe as Pixlr Promises to store edited pics separately. To share pics or college on social media do it directly and for others, you can download your picture from a URL location.

Pixlr App Main Feature & Observations

If you have done photo editing before or having basic knowledge about photo editing you can simply use Pixlr app as well. The app has menu options similar to photoshop a renowned Editing software. You can do a lot more after getting familiar with Pixlr App features.

Contains Basic Editing Options

The best thing about Pixlr is it contains very basic options which make it powerful and can be used easily. Due to options like fill, crop, blur, smudge I love this app and use it as an alternative of Photoshop.

Express tool

Another fact to love Pixlr app is Express tool. It helps to create apply several changes to an image on one click. This works great and good for new photo editors as this will automatically do a combination. You can resize, rotate, invert or create collage the image on single click.

Free to use

Pixlr app is a complete package of happiness as being a powerful tool can be one reason but being free is a reason to stick with it. Yes, Pixlr is completely free and you can edit online and download your pic. There are no hidden charges you can use it for commercial tasks as well.

Easy to Acess

Editing pics on Pixlr allows you to access them from anywhere. As Pics developed on Pixlr are stored in it helps you to access them easily or wherever you need them. Just with the help of active internet connection, you can use your pics.


Pixlr is compatible with almost all types of browsers, device etc. Makes it versatile as you can use it on your device and can access from a public device like a cyber cafe. Without a need for specific hardware or software.

No issue of Ram

To use Pixlr on Computer you need a Flash Plugin and for Android and iOS. The lightweight app runs smooth and does not require any Extra RAM or Memory. Makes it so efficient that you can use it on budget devices as well. The lightweight app ensures smooth workability another reason to use it.  

Quick FixTools

As you know Pixlr has basic tools which can be regulated manually to create a beautiful pic. But it contains Quick fix tools as well which can regulate several effects automatically on a single click. This tool is most effective for photo editors who have low or no idea regarding the basic effects of the pic.    

Easy share on Social Media

After editing your pics on Pixlr you can directly share it to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, email etc. As Pixlr has a share button by using it you can easily share pic after editing it on application.

Colour Splash

By using this feature you can focus on any single colour of pic. In other words, you can simply concentrate single colour in pic fading other colours makes it appealing.

Can do with Selfie

By using beautify feature you can simply remove blemish, red eye or whiten your teeth. These all can edit your selfie to make it more beautiful.

Pixlr Review

As per my personal experience with Pixlr and research with real users. Pixlr is easy to use app that offers a wide range of photo editing effects from basic to advance. Also, things like auto effects make it even simpler than traditional Photo editors like Photoshop. No cost availability makes it cost-effective and due to its easy access makes it the best choice.

How to Download Pixlr?

For Android

  • Download it from the given link or search it on Google Play store.
  • After completing the installation app icon will appear in the menu.
  • Tap it to open and register yourself.
  • Start your photo editing journey.

For Pc

  • Get an Android Emulator for your Pc.
  • Drag Pixlr apk file and drop it in Android Emulator.
  • Install it with the help of Emulator.
  • Now you can simply edit pic on your Pc using Pixlr.


I hope you liked the information provided here if you love the article kindly share it with your friends and family members. The article is developed to help you and make you aware of different aspects of Pixlr. The facts shared here are accurate as per my knowledge and make you enough knowledge to take a call on it.

Still finding any difficulty with the content or facing any difficulty in downloading the app share it in the comment box below. I would love to hear your lovely comments or question. Our team will try their best to answer them in our upcoming blogs. Till then share your life with lovely pics created by the help of the Pixlr app.





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