Xiaomi recently launched their new android launcher that is POCO launcher. One can download and install the same from Google Play store and it also comes pre-installed in Poco Devices. One can use the Poco Launcher with any android device of your choice.  There are many other Android launchers available in the market, such launchers are Nova Launchers, Microsoft Launchers etc.

Here in this article, we will share all the differences between Poco Launcher and Nova Launcher. We have distinguished them of the following points mentioned below:

Poco Launcher VS Nova Launcher:

Size of Launchers

Both Poco and Nova Launchers are customizable in nature. They both have different sizes. The size of Nova Launchers is between 5-10 MB while Poco Launcher has a size between 10-20 MB.

Import and Backup of Launchers

Import and Backup may not be a crucial factor for many users but you can not deny the fact that it is an important factor to consider. Nova Launcher provides you an option of backup and layout, In Nova launchers, you can import your home screen layout from your previous launchers. while in POCO launcher, there is no single option of taking backup.

Thus, Nova Launcher comes up with the option of backing up while Poco Launchers do not have any backup option.

poco launcher vs Nova launcher

The Difference of Homescreen Between Poco and Nova Launchers

The home screen of Nova and Launcher is quite similar. You will have the Dock at the bottom and some other icons above it as well. There are a few some notable differences too between Nova and Poco Launcher.

In Nova launcher, you can disable the dock available in it while Poco Launcher does not provide you such options. Similarly, you can use the search bar available on home screen with all the customization. Poco Launchers allow you to use google search bar only.

The best thing about Poco Launcher is it usually give the name to a folder when you club two similar apps in one folder. Like when I have clubber Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, it named the folder as Communication. You can change the name of Folder later as per your need.

poco launcher vs Nova launcher poco launcher vs Nova launcher

App Drawer Options

Xiaomi has one more launcher that is MIUI launcher comes up especially with MIUI powered devices. There is some difference between Poco and MIUI launchers and one is the absence of app drawer in MIUI Launcher. Poco Launcher does not support folders in the app drawer while Nova Launcher supports the same. Poco Launcher doesn’t support the folders in the app drawers but it automatically categorizes the apps in other groups that are available at top of App drawer. You can change the app groups from settings

poco launcher vs Nova launcher poco launcher vs Nova launcher










Another significant difference between Nova and Poco Launcher is the location of its search Bar. In POCO launcher, it is located at the bottom and can be easily accessible. We must thank Xiaomi for the same.

On the other side, Nova Launcher allows you to create a folder in app drawers. It also supports a group of Apps or also known as Drawer Apps. Though, you need to add apps to them manually. You can buy the prime version to use both features in Nova Launcher.

Notification Badges:

There is a difference between notification badges of both Nova Launcher and Poco Launchers. In POCO Launcher, you will notice a slight dot in case of any kind of notifications. While in Nova Launcher, you will get the Dot as well as numeric notifications.

Note: In the Nova Launcher, you can customize the Notification Badges according to your taste and preference.


The gesture supports in Nova Launcher is more as compared to Poco Launchers. In Nova Launchers you can get Double Tap, Swipe Up, Swipe Down etc. While in Poco Launcher, only one gesture is followed only.

Hidden Apps:

Both Poco and Nova Launchers offer the feature of hidden apps. However, you can hide the apps in Nova Launcher if you are using its paid version only while Poco Launcher provides this feature in its free version too.

Nova Launcher vs Poco Launcher – Final Words

Our team of experts has provided you with all the significant differences between Poco Launcher VS Nova Launchers. If you have any doubt or query, you can ask us in the comment section below. Both the launchers are quite similar with some minute differences only. The overall performance of both the launchers will be quite similar and you can use any of them.


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