A regular increase in popularity of kodi proves the love of kodi fans due to its free to use service and great quality experience. But most of us don’t know key information about the platform like Is it legal to use? Is it a scam?

If you are searching for answer of these questions than you are at right place. As here we will provide complete information which will help you to get your answers Before moving further lets understand kodi first.

Kodi App
Kodi App

What is Kodi App?

Kodi a popular name in video streaming platforms compatible with almost all OS like Windows, MacOS, iOS, Roku, Xbox, Fire stick etc. This service is developed by Xbox Media Centre help you to view your desired video like movies, tv shows, stage performances etc. They provide addon that are free as well as paid streaming service avoid free as it contains repetitive pop up ads.

Free addon Kodi

After knowing about free and paid addon lets understand it to get a clearer image. Which will help you to enjoy the service. The free addon can be called as third party addon as created by random developers allow you to stream movies, stage performance, music videos etc but these addon  offer content from redirected domains. Cannot be considered safe as redirected domains can have malware. Which can be risk for your personal data stored on your device.

Is it legal to use Kodi?

To answer this you need to understand first that by using third party addon you can watch videos like movie, music video, tv shows etc without paying a penny. But these can contain copyright content as well which is not legal as free addon provide content from redirected domains. One can opt for subscription plan for kodi that will resolve this issue.

Yes, it is quite attracting to stream movies for free but this can be a risk for your personal information. As these free services can contain malware or bugs which can steal your data or track your movement. Apart from Kodi there are other subscription based video streaming platforms. Providing high quality experience while ensuring optimum security.

Kodi: Precautions That You Need To Take

While using kodi one must use a VPN as it will add an extra layer to your security. By using VPN one can hide ip address and online activity. Paid addon is safe but you must use a VPN to protect your precious data.

How to choose a VPN for Kodi?

If you love to stream videos on kodi in order to watch a latest movie at your home or to access the content that is not available in your region. But most of these free streaming websites consist of malware which can lead to a loss of personal data. To safeguard yourself from these risks you can use VPN it will add an extra security layer and hide your ip address. To choose a VPN you must consider these things:

  • Use a VPN that provides interruption free connection with high speed.
  • The server network must be available different countries to access blocked content.
  • If going for a premium must check free trial version to examine its efficiency.
  • Check for strong customer support round the clock seven days a week.
  • Use a VPN by checking advance security features to ensure DNS leak protection.


Kodi is a great video streaming service easy to use interface and high quality video help you to enjoy kingsize. To ensure security you can opt for paid addon using a VPN will help you to save yourself. When you visit a website regularly it tracks IP in order to track your movement which can make harm to your personal information.

You can use kodi for searching your desired video or to enjoy streaming movies, music videos, stage performance, biography, documentary etc. Still having any question unanswered don’t forget to mention it in comment box below we will try our best to answer that in our upcoming blogs.


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