PUBG Season 5 Latest Updates | 2019

If you are as addicted as me to PUBG then you know that season 5 has a lot in store for us. PUBG Season 5 latest updates have rolled out with new levels, weapons strategy etc.

So, I will be breaking down this article in two sections for you. PUBG Season 5 Latest Updates in terms of Mobile and their PC version. So, whether you are a PUBG mobile player or even a PC version player you will get all the scoop on the updates here.

PUBG Season 5 Latest Updates (Mobile)

PUBG Season 5 Latest Updates

PUBG Mobile 0.10.5 update has a lot in store for you. In terms of weapon arsenals and also the game modes that you get.

The mobile version also had plans of unveiling a Zombie Mode but that decision has been skipped for now.

PUBG Season 5 Royal Pass Update

pubg season 5

PUBG Mobile Season 5 has a mode called Royal Pass. Where they allow you to go to the Royal Pass area and battle. But, here is the hard part, it is not a very easy mode to play.

With a readjusted reward tier the PUBG developers have made it a little more difficult with more obstacles. But as rewards, you are going to get premium outfits and weapons and also way more taunting emotions.

Making this open world battlegrounds game even more interactive and enhancing the gaming experience.

PUBG Season 5 New Weapon Arsenals

pubg season 5
PUBG Season 5 New Weapon Arsenals

With this update, you avail brand new automatic rifles like Mk47 Mutant. It can be easily found in Erangel Miramar and Sanhok maps. With two firing modes of single and burst it rolls out 7.62m rounds at one go.

The PUBG Season 5 latest updates for mobile also showcases a new gun attachment for you. The Laser Lights found in all maps helps you increase the accuracy of you as a player. Alongside, it also decreases your spread.

For players now the Vikendi map is available where they add their custom gameplay rooms. PUBG developers tuned the kinds and quantities of resources in the Vkendi map. Helping players like you and me to now avail evenly distributed resources all across the map.

You also can disable the announcements when landing in the settings too. In addition, you get re-tuned shopping menus and a brand new avatar display in regard to your crew challenges and the accessibility of the weapons in the main menu.

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PUBG Season 5 Latest Updates (PC)

PUBG Season 5 Latest Updates

With the new season 5 updates, the battle royal is now a massive hit. With the new features added on the test servers, the PUBG PC version is set to see changes too.

A full changelog is confirmed with new vehicles, weather environments, weapons arsenals, reliance the loot. Even the bug fixes are added. Even if it still on the test servers, we are set to experience all of these soon on the public servers too.

The PUBG Season 5 Latest Updates for PC also have a new snow vehicle to go with the snow terrain. The Vikendi map is set to also get a snow bike. That enhances your speed and easy mobility.

Watch PUBG Season 5 Live PC Video {Latest Update}

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In the PC version of updates, you get the new Bizon SMG weapon added to your weapons arsenal. While you can attach muzzels and sight attachments, you get 9mm ammo. It can hold at the very least of 53 rounds as a default setting. But, you only get this in Vekendi and Erangel.

Players can be equipped with a dual sight at a go with the newly added Canted Sight attachment. It can be added to your weapons arsenal through a secondary scope slot. This will help you speed up the changing of your scope as per your battle styles.

In terms of weather environments PUBG season 5 latest updates include a brand new weather setting in Vikendi, ‘Moonlight’. Now you can play under the super moonlight and aurora borealis. It is a beautiful weather adjustment while you get done with your chicken dinner.


The PUBG Season 5 Least Updates have a change log and be sure to check all of the minor updates you will get in terms of bugs and user experience.

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