The race for the world’s ultimate game has zeroed down to two main players in the industry; it’s a duel between PUBG Season 5 vs Fortnite Season 7. You will find that both games are equally popular among gamers everywhere.

What makes this fight worthy is the fact that both the games fall in the same category of online multiplayer, battle royal gaming. They closely follow a similar pattern of fights, rewards and gaming techniques.

PUBG Season 5 Updates

The launch of PUBG Season 5 came in as a New Year’s treat for all PUBG fans worldwide. Released on 21st January, the season also got the PUBG mobile update 0.10.5.

PUBG season 5 vs Fortnite season 7

The major changes of the season included:

  • PUBG Royal Pass- The season 4 ranks for Royal Pass have been renewed to level 1 with new outfits and emotions as rewards.
  • Weapons- Latest updates introduces new guns including- MK47 Mutant and laser Sights for improvised accuracy of guns.
  • Addition to the Map- The new Vikendi map can now be added in player’s gameplay.
  • More features includes re-tuned shop menus, new avatars, classic voice mode and easy access to supplies straight from the main menu.

Fortnite Season 7 Updates

The game released a little after Christmas and was a total joy for the Fortnite clan all around the globe. On 6th of December Fortnite got a complete reboot with features, weapons and a brand new winter theme.

PUBG season 5 vs Fotnite season 7

Highlights of Fortnite season 7:

  • Major changes in the map: Introduction of Iceberg, Frosty Flights, Parallel Peak, Happy Helmet and other icy surfaces are added to the game
  • New X-4 Stormwing plane: take your game to the skies with the new plane. It carries 4 passengers and 1 pilot and is loaded with a machine gun.
    Wraps: Much needed change for vehicles and weapons.
  • Fortnite Creative: An unexpected addition to the game, Fortnite creative allows gamers to construct their own island.
    Volted Items: A lot of favorite weapons have now been volted.
  • Skins: Skins have always been the highlight of every Season’s update and this year is no different. Cool new skins have been introduced in the game. Zeneth, Lynks, Ice King, Snowboarder, Sargent. Winters are to name a few.

PUBG Season 5 vs Fortnite Season 7

PUBG season 5 vs Fortnite season 7

Gaming Style:

The debate between PUBG season 5 vs Fortnite season 7 is settled in the styles of survival. Both games are survival games where you kill to survive. You will find PUBG relying on realistic killing methods. Fortnite adds supercritical powers to the gameplay.

Things like construction, monsters and exaggerated abilities are far from PUBG.
The realistic theme of PUBG makes it a real life experience for various gamers. Individuals who seek a more thrilling experience with unexpected threats and enemy attacks would love PUBG. For one’s who like having fun with their characters and seek to outcast the boundaries of realism would prefer Fortnite.


Well, the debate for PUBG season 5 vs Fortnite season 7 is a close one. PUBG season 5 brings about some minor yet much required changes that aren’t extravagant to the game. These changes in no manner portray a drastic shift in the pattern or play of the game. Fortnite, with Season 7 has dropped updates that wipe out some old features and delivers a refreshing new look.

For professionals it could be a breeze to adapt to the new Fortnite make over, others might find it a little shifting. PUBG updates like lasers and Weapon are directed towards helping the players, keeping other factors intact.


PUBG introduces a single weapon update. Fortnite, introduced a list of new weapons instead.


Fortnite has their maps more contemporary. You may find some hidden locations under the ice berg. PUBG already has a large and narrow map. They simply gave you a new area to fight in.


PUBG and Fortnite both have introduced new skins. PUBG concentrated on new avatars altogether.

PUBG season 5 updates had more of the gaming experience enhanced. Fortnite added many new features to the characters. Like, the blue feathers update.

Revenue Generation

Fortnite without any doubt has been a leader in generating revenue. Simple prospects like Colleges awarding scholarships to individuals based on their Fortnite success depict the tremendous growth the game has seen. In 2018 only the game was able to bag a whopping 2.4 billion in revenue.

PUBG, has been a silent warrior and slowly has toughened the financial course for Fortnite, stealing an impressive 1 billion in revenue in the past year. Here is closer look at the top 10 free games that shook the financial market of gaming sector by making some big bucks.

1. Fortnite – $2.4 billion
2. Dungeon Fighter Online – $1.5 billion
3. League of Leagends – $11.4 billion
4. Pokemon Go – $1.3 billion
5. Crossfire – $1.3 billion
6. Honour Of Kings – $1.3 billion
7. Fate/Grande Order – $ 1.2 billion
8. Candy Crush Saga – $1.1 billion
9. Monster Strike – $1.0 billion
10. Clash of Clan Royal – $0.9 billion

Top 10 paid games that generated most revenue:

1. PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrouds – $1.028 billion
2. FIFA 18 – $790 million
3. Grand Theft Auto V – $628 million
4. Call of Duty: Black Ops IIII – $612 million
5. Red Dead Redemption 2 – $516 million
6. Call Of Duty: WWII – $506 million
7. Fifa 19 – $482 million
8. Monster Hunter: World, Capcom – $467 million
9. Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege – $440 million
10. Overwatch – $429 million

Final Verdict

PUBG season 5 has taken the seat for the highest grosses game out of the two. In the tug of ware between PUBG season 5 vs Fortnite season 7, both games are geared to give you the best.

We have finally settled the PUBG season 5 vs Fortnite season 7. Game on Ya’ll.


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