You can mark the 14th of February, 2019 a day far from the valentine’s chocolates. Mark it to be the day we have lost our bravest. Pulwama Attack was one of the deadliest attacks to take place on our soil in recent years.

There are no words that you or me can convey to the betrothed families who lost them loved ones. Apart from us being united in the time of grief that sees above politics and hatred. If India has ever needed her finest to come together, it is probably for our bravest who lost their lives.

Kashmir Blasts Yesterday | What we Know So Far |

The Pulwama Attack is now considered one of the deadliest attacks on our security forces in India. We have lost 40 CRFP personnel in this Kashmir Attack. If tonight you and me are safe in our bed, it’s because somebody’s loved one is returning home tonight.

The Pulwama Attack has crossed the gruesomeness of the Uri Attack on September 2016. You will also find this Kashmir blasts yesterday has also crossed the level of the 2001 terrorist attack in front of the State Legislative Assembly Complex in Sringar.

Pulwama Attack – The Preparator

If you are looking for someone to blame then the person has been already identified. It was a carefully and crucially formed attack to destabilize our Kashmir territory. And, also an attack on our very essence of being India. The man who rammed a Mahindra Scorpio with 350 kgs of explosive right to our bravest is Adil Ahmad Dar alias of Waqas Commando.

He had been missing from 2018 March, till he had resurfaced through this blast again. Part of the terrorist outfit Jaish-e-Mohammad, and also released a pledge video taking responsibility. You will find that he was mentioned to be the bomber there. Let’s be honest here, all of these are products of indoctrination against Indians. You would find it highly probable that an aspiring cleric managed to mark our soil with the blood of our bravest.

Abid Ahmad Dar – The Man with no Soul

It is no surprise that at barely 22 this man managed to undertake one of the deadliest terror attacks on Indian soil. You will find that he hails from the village called Gundibagh in South of Kashmir. Gundibagh is famously known for being an active breeding ground for Islamists.

Pulwama Attack

Just hours in to the attack you will find a video by Jaish – E – Mohammad where Abid is heard saying the very following;

” The war that they can’t win with force. They are trying to win by compromising your belief. They want to mislead you from the etiquettes of Islam. They want to mislead you from the path of Islam by luring you with worldly pleasures.”

He had been missing from the 19th March, 2018 and his family had also filed a missing report. But, all of that came to rest when he was seen with an AK 47 and the code name ‘ Waqas Commando’.

He had also taken part in the protest when terrorist Burhan Wani was killed. In his last message you can clearly see why he went ahead with this plan. For his indoctrination and radical ideas.

Kashmir Attack | The Important Questions |

In times of uncertainly and anger, you might wonder what are the important questions that you should ask. What would sound right? Are there any right way of asking the right questions without putting someone else down?

Well, in the wake of the Pulwama attack there are ways we can ask the right questions.

Is it an Us vs Them Situation?

No! It is an India vs the terrorist outfit Jaish-e-Mohammad situation. If you are following the investigation then by now you know this is a terrorist outfit based in Pakistan. So, the right question would be, ‘ What is Pakistan Doing About It?’.

You are right! The answer is as always nothing. The usual grain goes, something horrible happens to Indian civilians and they always say they have nothing to do with it.

Yet, these attacks don’t stop happening. You would be right to demand an explanation in the International Criminal Tribunal. India can wholesomely isolate Pakistan on the international forum.

The idea that a youth can be so easily brainwashed in to hating India and others that they without remorse blow themselves up is beyond any educated person’s imagination. You can only imagine the kind of heinous things these Islamist Terrorists think.

Was It Our Failure as a Nation?


It was nevertheless the failure of our government to take the warning signs seriously. Isn’t it funny that right on the day of the Pulwama Attack the entire highway of Jammu-Srinagar was sanitized?

Our intelligence officers say that was indeed a big breach of national security. So, how does such a huge task just get slid off below our noses? It is clear, we have a mole somewhere and we were not paying careful attention to it.

Pulwama Attack

An attack of this sort does not happen just like that. You might have already gotten the news from all our news channels that our intelligence was aware of Abid Ahmed Dar and he was a listed man. They were also tipped off about activities. But, how did such a name skip out attention?

Maybe because, our security bodies need better administration and funding. Remember, what we essentially learned from this attack, is that our security measures didn’t stand a chance. We have lost 40 of our bravest and innocent heroes who went down quietly.

Our government for the sake of you and me and all the people in the country must do more to cut all internal terror funding to make sure that this does not repeat itself. Understanding our enemies within and outside makes us stronger than ever.

What Do We Expect Our Government To Do?


If you are a diligent citizen who believes in the tri-color of strength we bear in our hearts then you know what needs to be done. You got that right. Eliminate the enemy. Seek out all Islamists terror cells and make sure our security forces have all the technology and funding they need.

If somebody can slip in and sanitize a highway then ram a car of 350kg explosives in to army buses, then yes we have a problem. And, trashing the intelligence is not going to help you stay safe.

Remember, if these brave people didn’t do their jobs today, you wouldn’t be here tonight. How our security forces analyze and stabilize terror warnings determines how safe we are. So, demanding a better govt funding for our intelligence in terms of man-power and technology is a good place to start.

Pulwama Attack | What Can You Do to Help? |

It doesn’t matter which part of the country you are at. In this time, you and I need to stand united and fight the common enemy. The enemy is the indoctrination of radical Islamists and Terrorists who have polluted our great soil.

You and I will not go in to the night quietly but stand still in grief and kindness. We will not look at each other differently, but stand together to say no to such radical religious indoctrination covered with false regional patriotism.

To many we know this massively inhuman man Abid Ahmed Dar is a freedom fighter. To us, he is a ruthless killer who believes in an evil and damaging ideology. Rejecting every form of tolerance we worked so hard to have.

Bharat Ke Veer App – Your Time to Help

We stand united and fight against every adversity we are faced with, and actually be there for the families of our brave hearts. One of the best way that you can actually be relevant and make a change is through this app. Initiated by our very own superstar Akshay Kumar, you can make a difference.

Mr. Akshay Kumar has introduced an app that helps you donate to the kin of our bravest who has laid their lives down for our freedom. Bharat Ke Veer can be easily downloaded from here.

Bharat Ke Veer is a fund raising initiative which is run by eminent govt officials and also Mr. Akshay Kumar to rehabilitate families who lost their loved ones for the freedom of country. Our borders are not safe nor easy to maintain. If you look at the West border with Pakistan to the North East with China, you can see how hard it is for our bravest.

Making sure you have your freedoms is not easy, and more than often it comes with a hefty price. So, if you really want to make a change and be relevant, log on to Bharat Ke Veer app and make your donations now!

Pulwama Attack has taken 40 of our bravest and finest in the line of duty. Today above all politics, religion and status, we need to join powers to not just rehabilitate the families. But, also work towards a more secured India.

Every Braveheart listed on Bharat Ke Veer app has a maximum of 15 lacs so, if you reach that you can automatically choose another one of our brave hearts. Making sure that their sacrifices do not go in vain. You can also visit the Bharat Ke Veer website and see all the donations that have made a difference.

Pulwama Attack | Strong Messages that Lead to Actions |

Our very own PM Narendra Modi rose to the occasion immediately and made his feelings very clear in the below tweet.

Pulwama Attack

Our Finance and Corporate Affairs also has a strong message for anybody who plans to harm our India. And for the terrorists who caused our this bloodshed.

Pulwama AttackApart from that the international messages of condolences have been coming in. The PM of Israel has stood with us in our grieving times too.

Pulwama AttackThe US mission in India has also summoned their condolences to our great nation. With them, Maldives, Sri Lanka and many other global powers have come together to condemn this heinous and cowardly Islamist Terror Attack.

Take Away

In the end, we must remember, we are Indians. We are all together in our darkest days. The idea that there is a section of people who hate India so much is scary. But, if we stand united and help our government and the people around us, we can win this war with love.

Bharat Ke Veer donations go straight to the families of the bravest who laid their lives for you and me. It’s time we stand up and do our part for the sanctity of our mother land. Let us say ‘NO’ to terrorism, hatred and intolerance.

Let us stand and mourn together and make the future brighter. Where we can be secured and take care of our armed forces who are at the borders. With this light in our hearts;

Jai Hind!


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