Real Racing 3 is one of the outstanding racing game Firemokeys and EA for iOS. Facilitate you with a free download or in-app purchase. It is huge fun to play with its incredible graphics and gameplay but may be frustrating sometimes. If you are a newbie then thigs can be more frustrating. Don’t worry we have the solution for you, actually, I am not a trained player but awareness about the few tricks to play it smoothly. If you are in search of tips to play Real Racing 3 then here in my Real Racing 3 guide, will stake my experience to offer you a helping hand.

Real Racing 3 Guide

1.Hoard Gold

real racing 3 guide

As I have mentioned earlier I am not an experienced one but one of the basic tips to achieve the level of any game is to focus on collecting Gold. With Gold, you can buy almost every car as the R$ choice is unavailable. You can purchase from low end to high-end cars from 20 Gold to 1000 Gold. You can grab Porsche Cayman GT4 for 280 Gold, Hyundai 120 WRC for 119 Gold, The Mclaren MP4 for 65 Gold and lots more. As you have more upgraded cars means a more smooth experience of racing.

2. Focus on the Best Car to Have

It is a great way to proceed in the game to have the best car you can. It is vital to attaining the best car for you if you want to be successful in the career mode, recently added a feature. Initially, you don’t need to think about the upgrades and just focus on the track. In beginning, the choice of cars doesn’t matter a lot but as the game proceeds, you have to look for the certain rating performance on your car to participate in certain races.

3. Customize the Controls

real racing 3 guide

There are seven modes which for every type of player from newbie to expert. You can go for the B version which is facilitated with manual breaking and acceleration, great options of freshers. If you want more control over your vehicle and compatibility with other players then you can go for  Button and wheel control mode.

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4. Dirty Driving

real racing 3 guide

It is really fun to race as you want. Dirty driving enables a player to drive according to their mood. RR3 leaves everything on the player whether they want to drive crazily and wipe out other racers or drive clean not to hit the other vehicles. All the two have their advantages and disadvantages. When you go for finishing first then it is better for first playing level. But when you drive clean then you can grab more dollars by avoiding penalties.

5. Know Your Car

There are numerous cars with different specialties and if you want to optimize your car then you have to know it first. For instance cars like Nissan GT-R R35 for stability and easy to drive, Ferrari 458 for crossing the limits so choose according to your driving style. If you choose based on your style then you can run it more smoothly.

6. Airplane Mode

In case you are brawling on a race, turn on airplane mode. For it, you have to force shut the app and then restart. Like this, you have to race against bots which are slower in speed.

7. Choose the Right Upgrades

real racing 3 guide

Enhancement in top speed will not help you on all the tracks and challenges. With top speed, Engine upgrades can give you better outcomes. In numerous races in RR3, it is beneficial to stick up the speed 0-60 than 195 MPH. It can be fruitful in the early stage to get away from the line and up to racing speed, but being efficient to pull away from corners faster than your rivals will assist you to unite your position after passing them. Focus to upgrade the drivetrain before the engine.

8. Keep it Social With RR3 Buddies

Guys always keep in mind that game center and Facebook are your well-wishers. When your friends race they will quit some ghost data for you to compete further. In case you beat your friend, you will get 10% money as a reward for each.

Final Verdict

How’s the Real Racing 3 guide? Guys, apply these tips to grab the fantastic racing experience. In case you have any tips or tricks you want to share with, utilize our comment area. Also, let us aware about your experience after applying the above-mentioned tips. Any doubt further, don’t be hesitate to ask us and for more recent updates stay tuned with us. Till than Goodbye keep playing.


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