Playing online games is the easiest and convenient mean of recreation. There are plenty of games out there but battle games grab the attention of everyone. Did you ever play Pubg? Did you struggle for your survival in the unknown battleground? Doesn’t matter you did or not but if you want to be the lasts in the Rules of survival, the Battle Royale multiplayer game then you have to follow rules of survival tips. If you are a newbie and want to take your thrill to the next levels then you must apply certain rules of survival gameplay. For your ease here in my rules of a survival guide, I have included the effective tricks to get started in the game.

Rules of Survival Tips

It is essential to follow certain rules if you want to win the rules of survival so here is a complete guide which will assist you to achieve your goal.

Select a Mode

rules of survival mode

Initially, you have to choose a playing before entering the battleground of rules of survival. The game offers you the three modes: Solo, Duos, and squads. As you know in solo mode you have to play alone and face everyone independently. In Duos, you have a partner and you both will fight against others. The last one Squad allows you to play with three other players. So it is the foremost tips of my rules of survival guide.

Choose the Ideal Place to Drop

Just like other surviving games, you have to parachute into the islands through aircraft. You must care about the drop location and choose that place where you can find loots. It is one of the best rules of survival guide to land yourself in that area where you find more buildings. These buildings have a huge variety of weapons and other crucial things.

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Observe Where Others are Landing

rules of survival guide

Another helpful rule of survival gameplay is to watch your opponent’s landing carefully. This will assist you to find the location of your opponent. You can also mark the location of your opponent and you can do so by tapping on the minimap. If you observe the landing of your rival then you can diminish them easily and also pick up their loot.

Land Soon and Hunker Down

The motive of my rules of survival tips is to make you last in the battlefield of rules of survival. If you land quickly or if you are the first to land then you will find the more weapons and loot before anyone else. You also have the opportunity to hunker down if you land early and you can also pick-off your rivals before moving on.

Move Through the Cover

rules of survival guide

It is observed in arena shooter games if you are open for a long time then there are huge chances of your shooting. You have to follow this trick in the rules of survival also. If you want to save yourself then you have to avoid being outside in the open for a long time. If you are going through the terrain then you must stay behind the cover to lessen the chances of being spotted.

Notice Your Back Carefully

Rules of survival contain a massive world and there are enemies in every corner. You must determine this fact while moving in the gameplay of rules of survival. You don’t have any idea from where your opponent will come and shoot you so you must watch your back before going further. You have to keep an eye on your surroundings and if you learn to utilize the camera efficiently in the rules of survival then no one can stop you to be the last in this game.

Bottom Lines

Well, folks, you came around the rules of survival guide and I can bet if you apply all these tricks then you will have the more chances of surviving. Rules of survival are the great game and available for Android and iOS devices so try it now. Follow these tips and get the ultimate fun in this battle game. Still, any query then comments below and if you have any trick which you want to share with us then feel free to share. For more recent updates stay connected.



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