Schedule of American Idol Season 18 Finale

American Idol, the popular reality show singing competition started with its eighteenth season somewhere around the mid of February 2020 on ABC. Just like the old seasons, season eighteen has Katy Perry, Luke Bryan, and Lionel Richie as judges despite the financial glitch. Beloved Seacrest returns as the show host and Bobby Bones continues to be the in house mentor.

American Idol was ready for the talented singers and the seemingly tough competition, but it looks like a very microscopic entity had some other plans. After the taping of the Top Twenty, the show had to be suspended because of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

However disappointing that sounds, eighteen seasons of the show had given enough experience to the productions to not let the lockdown win.

Schedule of American Idol Season 18 Finale
Schedule of American Idol Season 18 Finale

Despite the stay at home and compulsory social distancing rules, the team decided to keep this season afloat during the most impossible conditions around. 

It has been decided that around forty-five remote sites will be used and each and every contestant will be treated equally with similar equipment and resource access. Segments will be recorded most likely a day in advance except for judges’ reactions and voting results which will actually air live. The cherry on the cake; the number of episodes remain the same.

Now as planned, the Top Twenty competed on a special episode aired on the 26th of April 2020. The Top Ten are expected to perform on the 3rd of May in the first of the three live shows. The season finale is to be aired on the 17th of May.

Our three esteemed judges continue to weigh in with their thoughts from their homes. Likewise, the contestants are also performing from their hometowns, rather than the studio in Los Angeles.

That means now they will have to shine vocally, instead of relying on the production values that definitely enhanced the outcomes and the live audience to stand out from their competition.

In such desperate times, it’s great that the show has come up with these creative ideas, encouraging us that the fight against corona is still on, and we can beat it.

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