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Nekki rebounds with a sequel to the ninja warrior game, Shadow Fight 2. A mobile duel game that encompasses ancient weapons and fighting techniques, Shadow Fight 3 is the modern day PvP ninja style game to look out for.
Latest updates, game play and where to get it from? This article is everything you need to know Shadow Fight 3.

Shadow Fight 3 Features

  • The 3D graphics and animations molds the game into realism.
  • Various fighting styles to choose from.
  • An array of weapons and equipment.
  • Shadow abilities and upgrades are add-ons to the general fighting abilities.
  • The game takes your character cross oceans and battles opponents from numerous nations.
  • Shadow Fight 3 is rated +12 with “moderate violence”.
  • With a healthy size of 768 MB, Shadow Fight 3 is available on Google play and Apple Store applications.
  • Although the game is free, there are various in-app purchases.
  • The game is available in varied languages including English, German, French, Russian, Chinese, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Turkish, Japanese, Korean and Hindi.

Shadow Fight 3 Requirements

To run Shadow Fight 3 successfully on your device, here is a list of requirements.

  • RAM above 2GB
  • Android version above 4.0 or above(Ice Cream Sandwich).
  • CPU above 1.8 GHZ.
  • Devices the game ran successfully on were: S4, S5, S6, S7 and Samsung Note 4, Note 5.

Shadow Fight 3 Free Download

The mobile game is available free of charge on both android’s Google Play and Apple’s Store. Here is how you acquire the latest version on your mobile devices.

  • Directly download the Shadow Fight 3 game apk here through your browser.
  • Post completion of the game, before installing make sure you have allowed “Unknown Sources” on your android devices.
  • Install the Shadow Fight 3 latest version free download game and enjoy play.

Shadow Fight 3 Hack


Holistically the game is freemium, but when you look closer there are in app purchases that can cost you tens of dollars. So, if you are a fanatic wanting to save some bucks here is how you can hack this game and download the mod for the game.

  • Download the latest version of Shadow Fight 3
  • Download the OBB File
  • Allow “unknown sources” from the settings of your android phone.
  • Install the game.
  • Wait, don’t start the game just yet. Locate the OBB (zip)file you downloaded. Extract it and copy all the files to sd card/Android/obb.
  • Now enjoy the unlimited features of Shadow Fight 3 hack completely for free.


Fetching a hack for Shadow Fight 3 on android was easy. When it comes down to a hack for Iphone, things get a little complicated. Worry not, follow these simple steps to get hacked version of this game for your apple mobile phones.

  • Open Safari browser on your iPhone or iPad.
  • Visit Panda Helper and download the “Regular Version”.
  • Make sure the application is downloaded on your device.
  • Following, visit your device settings > general > Profile and Device Management. Click on
  • “Trust” for Panda Helper.
  • In the application deck on your homepage find the Panda Helper application and launch it.
  • Search for “Shadow Fight 3 hack” and install it.

Need to the freeze the enemy during a duel? Hit him while he is in the air from a jump.

Shadow Fight 3 Special Edition

If you are on the verge of completing Shadow Fight 3 wondering what could be your next game to explore. Take a look at the Shadow Fight 3 Special Edition.

  • Download the Shadow Fight 3: Special Edition.
  • While the game is downloading enable “Unknown Sources” in your android devices from settings.
  • Once the download is complete install the application and enjoy the special edition of Shadow Fight 3.

The game is unavailable currently on either Google Play or Apple Store and is only available to download for Android. Little information is provided from Nekki about the special edition. With cool new features, weapons and backdrops, Shadow Fight 3: Special Edition is worth a look.

Shadow Fight 3 Gameplay

This cool looking game plays as smooth as it looks. The graphics are fiery and animation work is detailed. The game open with Shadow Fight 3 logo followed by an extended menu for weapons, gears and character selection.

“Round 1” commences on the ting of the bell, you are confronted with an AI fighter whom you’ll need to defeat within the next few rounds to further the story.
The game plays in the landscape mode and requires your both hand figures. Movements are swift with left hand placement and hits are decorated on the right hand side of your screen.

Apart from the original storyline the game also engages its players with online quests and competitions for leader boards. Events like Lunar Festival is also an integral part of the game.

Shadow Fight 3 Chapter 7

One of the most anticipated stages of Shadow Fight 3 is chapter 7. It’s the grand final of the game. There have been a lot of predictions and fan theories on the chapter but nothing concrete has been developed yet. The official Nekki website too has nothing to offer.

A lot of gamers believe that Chapter 7 is going to be big. It will be an amalgamation of clues from the previous chapters. Certain inserts like a possible duel with Gizmo, learning the shadow mind technique and more are enticing the gamers to believe that there is something greater at the end of chapter 6.

End Note

Unlike its predecessor, this version relies heavily on good quality animation work. The game is fun to play with only drawback of game play being dominating at times, it makes the player feel unjust through the difficult level being way higher.

The realistic approach to the game really makes it more likeable by adults. It’s a fun, free game easily enjoyed by gamers across all demography, this is a game you must try. Download the game on your Android or iOS device and enjoy play.

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