Shadow Fight 3 is an Android and IOS RPG fighting mode game that combines magical abilities and Sword combat. Shadow Fight 3 is a great RPG Game with more than 10 Million active downloads for Android. Along with that, the game has IOS version too with 3.5 overall ratings. The shadow fight 3 gameplay is very simple with these tips and tricks.

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Shadow Fight 3 Tips and Tricks

To become a warrior and winner in Shadow Fight 3 game, we have some tips and shadow fight 3 guide that you can follow in order to win the game. Below, we have mentioned all the tips and tricks that can help you to win this game.

  • Practice Makes You Perfect: To win the game like Shadow Fight 3, you need to be familiar with Weapons, Skills, and Abilities before you can delve into the story campaign, you required to show your skills as a warrior in this game. In the Shadow Fight 3, every weapon has some uniqueness and will handle the game bit differently from others. There are 3 bars in the upper left corner that help you to enter into training and Practice mode to polish your fighting skills against Gizmo. You also need to play few duels to level up your character.
  • Learn Combos: To Defeat your opponents, and winning Duels in the game, you just need to learn the combos moves. They are very crucial in the game. Below we have shared an image that contains all the special moves you need to learn to win the game.
  • When you equip any ability onto your weapon, you can play the special move of that combat. To unlock any new ability in the game, you have to experiment a lot in training as many times the ability to perform is not clearly mentioned.
  • The shadow fight 3 controls of your new abilities will pop up during the battle make sure that you can keep an eye upon it. Along with this, combos will also help you to win against the components and allow you to earn better rewards.

Shadow Fight 3 Game

  • Timely Attacks: To plan a combo move onto your opponent, you need to plan your attacks carefully. Sometimes, it is easier to say than done particularly when you got bombarded by the enemy. We will recommend you to wait to strike just your opponent finishes any move. You can have a better chance of landing your attack when their guard is down. Before preparing to respond against the movements of opponents, you should carefully watch their attacks to plan your timely attacks.
  • Become Unpredictable: Second important shadow fight 3 guide is you are trying to figure out the moves of your opponents, they will also try to figure out your moves. They will also make the prediction on your moves too. When you are copying the same moves every time, your opponents will try to adapt your moves and it will prevent you from being effective.
  • We will recommend you to try the mix of Low, Middle and High Attacks as it will allow you to become unpredictable in this game. It will also help you and fill up your shadow energy bar quickly.
  • Save your Shadow Energy: It is recommended that you should save your shadow energy. More the shadow energy you have, you can perform the powerful attacks and special moves. The shadow energy bar is located below your health bar.
  • Stand Still and Block: It may not sound fair but sometimes, you should stand still and block the moves. Many times it is the best move to stand still that will cause your character to block and allow the character to avoid any damage. It could be tempting to dodge an opponent’s attack. But whenever you try to stand still, you can avoid the damage and get yourself prepared for next attack.
  • Swap out your Gear: Last and most important shadow fight 3 tips whenever you continue to unlock the card packs and Chests in Shadow Fight 3, you can get different Weapons and gears that will have better increasingly stats. It is quite easy to fall in the habit of using same weapon and power, but you want to swap out your armor and Weapon for equipment with higher stats. It will ensure you that you get prepared to increase the opponent’s difficulty in each chapter and quest. We will suggest you equip with new abilities to your gear when available.

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Shadow Fight 3 Tips and Tricks: Final Words

Here in this article, we have shared all the shadow fight 3 tips and tricks you need to understand in order to win the game. We have tried to cover shadow fight 3 guide, that can help you. If you find some more tricks for this game, you are free to share with us in the comment section given below. Our Team of Experts will review and share with you in the article. If you have any doubt regarding the tips and tricks, you can ask us in the comment sections below.


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