Sherlock Holmes 3: What do we all know?

The movie takes us through the adventures of Sherlock Holmes and his companion John Watson after the second part. It has been scheduled to release on December 22nd, 2021 and here is all we know about it:-

No Trailer

For now, we do not have an official trailer for Sherlock Holmes 3. Production for the third party hasn’t begun yet and is expected to get delayed further due to lockdown. The trailer will be out as soon as the shooting starts after the lockdown is off. 

A part of it will be shot in California

Sherlock Holmes 3: What do we all know?
Sherlock Holmes 3: What do we all know?

California Film Commission has approved the movie for a $20.9 million tax break with an estimated budget of production as $107.8 million. So, it is expected that at least some part of the shooting will take place in California. This shall also confirm the ongoing rumors about the movie being western.

Star cast for Sherlock Holmes 3

Paul Anderson will be joining the Movie’s star cast. He is known for his role as Arthur Shelby in the Historical Crime Series, Peaky Blinders. He’ll be resuming the role of Colonel Sebastian Moran which we saw in Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows. 

Now since Moran will be back and he is a close associate of Moriarty, this might mean that Moriarty will also be returning in the third part. Moriarty being one true Nemesis of Holmes, the show can’t be just done with him only in one part.

Rest, Robert Downey, Jr. And Jude Law will be back to play Sherlock and Watson.

Writing and Production team

Many writers were approached for the script of Sherlock Holmes 3 and a meeting of the writers was also held a couple of years ago to get to a perfect draft for 3rd part. Reports are, Warner Bros and its team have adopted the draft written by Chris Brancato. His previous works include Law and Order: Special Victims Unit, Narcos, and The X-Files. 

Guy Ritchie will not be directing the third party even though he directed both Original Sherlock Holmes movies. His place will be taken by Dexter Fletcher. His recent pieces include flamboyant music biopics.

Title of the Movie

The movie doesn’t have a title yet. It has been named Sherlock Holmes 3 but there is a high probability that this name is going to change provided the recent trend that all the MCU movies follow .i.e. the title of the franchise, followed by colon and subtitle.

The team is trying its best to make the movie better than the two earlier parts. The producer, Susan Downey knows well that fans have waited way too long (almost a decade) for the movie’s third part. So the whole team is trying its best to get it to the fans with a script that will be worth the wait.



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