Son Goku: The Legend Of The Strongest Man In Universe

If there is something that these days of uncertainty have reminded us of, it is the effect of imagination on our daily lives.

Literature, graphic and audio-visual arts are a window to the extraordinary world, full of personalities who manage to leave such powerful marks on our imaginations, which are present in our real lives.

His character made his first appearance on the pages of the Dragon Ball manga on 20 November 1984 and his fame would spread to more than 80 countries with the broadcast of an anime adaptation of Toei Animation.

Born on Planet Veja, a child named Kakkarot was sent to Earth with the goal of conquering it, but it would become his ultimate protector. Since then, a member of the Sion Warrior race has led the most successful multimedia franchise outside Japan.

Son Goku: The Legend Of The Strongest Man In Universe
Son Goku: The Legend Of The Strongest Man In Universe

Mangaka Akira Toriyama took an interest in Chinese culture in kung-fu films with Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan, resulting in the production of a shot titled Dragon Boy in July 1983; A prototype of the story and a hero of personality and design — that he would be perfect in Dragon Ball.

A journey of Chinese literature written by Wu Cheng’en in the 16th century will be inspired by Journey to the West. The artist was focused on Monkey King, Sun Wukong’s visit to India.

In fact, Goku was an ape in the original sketch, although editor Kazuhiko Torishima’s negative reaction forced him to transform into a human child with an intimate tale.

However, readers were not impressed with Goku and the story’s origins – the search for Dragon Balls – in its infancy.

With the massive success of the 21st Martial Arts Tournament arc, Toriyama decided to turn Dragon Ball into a fighting manga and underline his hero’s inspiration.

“At any given time, I wanted [Goku] to feel the extraordinary subject that only ‘wants to be stronger than before”, so much so that it seems there is no one as pure as him “, he describes in “The World of Akira Toriyama Exhibition Outline in 2013”.

In an iconic scene in the franchise, Saba is shown on the screen to all Saiyans at birth for their abilities, before their first fight with Kakarot.

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