Every year several movies releases worldwide. These movies can be a Hit, Super Hit & Blockbuster. In fact, they can go on to earn millions of dollars.

Bet it Avengers: Endgame or horror movies like IT. I don’t any of them will ever be perfect as some of the iconic movies such as “The Princess Bride”. Each one of them had some negative points (Major or Minor).

Now, what If I tell you there are some talks going related to the remake of 1987’s movie “The Princess Bride”? Interested, right? Besides, who wouldn’t be?

Coming back to the post, here I will address all the rumors related to the remake of The Princess Bride & what fans have to say about the movie. So, let’s proceed:

What 1987’s Movie is all about?

Are you one of those who don’t know anything about the movie? Well, then, for you I will proceed by telling you about the premise of the movie.

Well, the movie tells one of the best love stories that I have ever heard in my life. In the movie, Buttercup & Westley are the two main protagonists of the show. Throughout the movie, their love is tested by various hardships including the planning & plotting of main antagonist Humperdinck.

But in the end, it’s true that Love prevails everything. In fact, the movie ends with a happy ending between Buttercup & Westly.

The Princess Bride Remake Rumors

Now, coming back to the rumors, Tony Vinciquerra, CEO Sony Entertainment video said in a post on uproxx.com,” Very famous people whose names I won’t use, but they want to redo The Princess Bride.”

Although, the remake is not confirmed yet but it gets some attention from the fans who have watched the romantic movie in their childhood or in recent days.

In case, you don’t know, the movie is based on a novel by Oscar-winning screenwriter William Goldman.

The Princess Bride Box Office Earnings

In terms of earning, The Princess Bride failed miserably on the Box office. In fact, with too many efforts, total earning somehow doubled its budget.

But still, the movie underperformed as per the expectation. However, soon after the movie released on Home video & Television airings, people started falling in the masterpiece.

Now, it’s been almost 29 years & still, fans of the movie would always want to see the movie. In fact, I would never say No to watching the movie.

Twitter Reaction on The Princess Bride 2.0

As soon as the rumors started to spread out, Twitter users started tweeting about the movie. Here’s what the twitter users have to say:

1. Wife of Count Rugen

2. Not Agreed with the Remake

3. How Green Screened  The Princess Bride will look?

4. Don’t Ruin The Princess Bride as Spiderman reboots

5. LoL! Inconceivable😂!!!

Frequently Asked Questions | The Princess Bride

Q- Is the Princess Bride movie based on a true story?

A- No. Not at all. In fact, it’s an entirely fictional story coming out of Goldman’s brain.

Q- Where can I watch the princess bride movie?

A- Well, as of now, you can binge-watch entire movie on your Netflix Subscription.

Q- How much money did the princess bride made?

A- The movie was made on $16 million production budget. On the US Box office, the movie earned $30 Million.

Final Words

That’s all for now. I know fans are not happy with the remake of The Princess Bride. In fact, you can see their twitter reactions above. On a personal note, even I would hesitate with a remake especially made by Sony as they have a past record of ruining classics by making their remakes. Take The amazing spiderman as a recent example.

Now, I will end the post by asking a very important question & that is Will you watch the movie if it releases in theatre. Do let me know your thoughts on this in the comments section given below.


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