Sony Rejected Plans For A Spider-Verse Crossover

‘ Spider-Man: A New Universe ‘ is one of the great movies of 2018. He surprised both locals and strangers with his overwhelming visual bet and made it clear that the Spider-Man story could be told again but with a different approach.

Miles Morales is a true discovery and his mix of parallel universes gave us a wonderful high school squad. There are also moments that pay tribute to the first trilogy of the saga, the one directed by Sam Raimi, and which starred in Tobey Maguire.

Many of Spidey’s fans continue to defend these films as the best adaptation of the superhero, and a few defend Andrew Garfield.

Sony Rejected Plans For A Spider-Verse Crossover
Sony Rejected Plans For A Spider-Verse Crossover

But of course, Tom Holland, the new Peter Parker of the MCU, has dazzled everyone. And both Phil Lord and Chris Miller, producers of ‘ Spider-Man: A New Universe ‘, wanted the 3 of them to share screen time with Miles Morales.

“We proposed to Sony a very ambitious idea that included Spider-Ham, Tobey Maguire, Andrew Garfield, and Tom Holland. From Sony, they thought it was ‘very soon'”This crossover was rumored for a long time but, until now, we had not known for sure if it could have been real or not.

The truth is that the best way to show it was in an animated movie, with each actor dubbing his own Spider-Man. Who knows, maybe Sony decides to give the green light and we will see it in ‘ Spider-Man:

A new universe 2 ‘.The chances of Holland, Maguire, and Garfield in Spider-Man: Spider-Prawn has some fans who have speculated about it from the beginning.

This made it even more surprising that viewers found that they were not involved in the film, especially since Holland confirmed that plans for a crossover had been discussed.

Instead of bringing Spider-Man, The Amazing Spider-Man, and the Marvel Cinematic Universe Spidey together for a post-credits scene, Spider-Man introduced Spider-Man in 2099 (voiced by Oscar Issac).

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