Stranger Things: 17 Things You Don’t Know About The Show

As you can imagine, there are dozens of fascinating facts about ‘Stranger Things’ crossing the internet. We have been listening to each one of them all day and we have selected the best ones, just for you. We were left with 17 things that, probably, you did not know about the series, or that you had not even thought that they were about to happen.

The series had another name originally

‘Stranger Things’ was n’t always called that. Originally it is known by ‘Montauk’, motivated by a government scheme ‘Montauk Project’.

Duffer Brothers had a different Steve in their mind

While Steve (Joe Keery) is not the worst boy on the planet, when we first meet him, he is also not an angel. But his character changes entirely over the passage of the series and, over time, he becomes one of the favorite characters of fans.

However, Ross Duffer once told that this was not their original plan.

The Upside-Down had another name, and originally, there were no plans to get the characters out there

The World of the Reverse in Castilian or the Upside- Down was called The Nether in the initial script.

Matt Duffer said that in actuality the place was not going to have as much weight as it has ended up gaining.

Many, but many children did the casting

“We auditioned 907 boys and 307 girls,” EW was told.

In the auditions, the boys were told to read chosen scenes from the first chapter. The audition also included some scenes from the classic ‘Count on Me’ movie.

Hopper’s hat is a reference to a Hollywood icon

Writing for EW, the Duffers argued that Hopper’s character is, in many ways, similar to Indiana Jones.

David once also asked that Hooper will wear his hat most of the time. By this, he was clearly directing Indiana.

Will was going to kill Bob

Poor Bob, Joyce’s boyfriend (Winona Ryder) dies in a horrible way, devoured by various Demogorgon. But take it easy, as he told EW, Sean Astin was delighted with the ending of his character.

Also, according to producer Shawn Levy told Collider, Bob’s death was going to be long before and at the hands of Will (Noah Schnapp).

Actually, in the beginning, the evil Will killed him in episode 3. He killed him in the car (where Bob advises him on how to face his fears).

However, the Duffers liked the character so much that they allowed him to survive until episode 8.

Sean Astin auditioned for another role

Sean Astin was first auditioned for reporter role (Murray Bauman, played by Brett Gelman)

But, after the audition, he was called again but for another character of Bob.

Eleven is based on ET

Speaking to IndieWire, Millie Bobby Brown said: They told me they wanted me to interpret and remind me of ET and his relationship with the children.

It was not east to make Millie Bobby Brown float

When Eleven floats in the sensory deprivation tube, they used over more than 544kg of salt, which was quite a tough task.

The van that Eleven capsizes was nearly missed

Duffers said that initially, it was told not to launch such a big truck into the air, but later forced by them, the producer agreed. And after a successful test, when they had to shoot it, the thing did not go as planned.

The relationship between Dustin and Steve was not planned

The relationship between them was not a part of the script when the brothers went to tell Netflix about the season. However, this emerged in the upcoming time itself.

Millie Bobby Brown almost gave up acting

Millie Bobby Brown herself told Variety: “I felt at one point that I couldn’t do it anymore, but then I got ‘Stranger Things’ and everything changed.”

The “petals” of the Demogorgon are very much complicated

In season 1 episode 6, ‘The Monster’, the Demogorgon is an animatronic body. This means it was physically constructed.

Spectral Motion’s robotics engineer had designed the animatronics in such a way that there was no repetition on the movement of the “petals”  head. And it seemed real.

Stephen King was one of the first fans of Millie Bobby Brown

2014’s ‘Intruders’ was Millie’s first major role, and King already highlighted it. And thus he became one of the Millie’s fan.l

It was originally sold as a series of anthologies

Speaking to Screen Rant, the Duffers were asked about the plan to make a series of anthologies and not the same linear story:

There is truth in that, yes. This is how we originally sold it, it’s true. We had seen King’s ‘It’ and we were very interested in those temporary jumps and Netflix was very interested in that.

The Duffers had to get the rights to ‘Ghostbusters’ to get their iconic costumes out

Matt Duffer told EW, “We spoke with Ivan Reitman (director of ‘Ghostbusters’) on the phone for him and the writer (Dan Akyroyd) to approve it. He said he was flattered. And then they send all the Ghostbusters toys for the shoot.

factspress” will provide further updates when more information is available.

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