The most wanted and top-rated game in these days is TAP FISH game which is now available for a wide range operating systems and also for mobile, iPhone, iPods, tablet,  iPad and Android. You can enjoy it while you will play it on your device whether it is a laptop or a mobile or tablet. Tap fish game was developed by Gameview studios and their experts bring an amazing game to play for game additive people. Tap fish is an amazing game full of enjoyment in which you will experience to see multiple beautiful aquariums. In these aquariums, you can add fish according to your own choice.

In TAP FISH game you can decorate these aquarium by different beautiful plants and sea reefs. After decorating them you can add more beauty by filling them with colorful fish or fry (babies of fish).but you have to continuously feed them to make them grow. tap fish game comprises of nearly 80 levels and you can enjoy its experience on multiple different high levels .with the increase in stage levels things will going changing and you will experience more adventure.

In this game, you have first select eggs from the store and then put in the tank then when you start feeding them they will grow. You have to save them from big whale attacks or sea turtles or mermaids until they fully grow or become mature fish. You can buy more fish by buying them through coins. A fish reaches its mature age in nearly 4 hours to 20 days.

The main thing that you must remember is to keep your tank clean and free of algae to keep them healthy or happy. You can also earn a profit by selling your fish. For breeding your fish by choosing from 40 offered combinations for your breedable species. Money can also be earned by feeding white Grunt, Boxfish or Box Grunt. In tap fish, you can also add sunken ships or castles in your fish tanks. The full game is nearly level up with 80 tanks in each level you have to safe your golden fish from stingrays or other species which can kill your fish.

Fish tank is a free game that you can easily download it from the internet and then install it on your device and have fun!


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