Google measures to remove terrorist or violent Fanatic content on Youtube


It will expand its cooperation with the counter extremist group to identify content used to radicalize and recruit extremists. Google tightens measures to remove violent terrorist content on Youtube.

Google tightens measures to remove violent terrorist content on Youtube

Alphabet Inc(GOOGL.O) Google will implement futures and more measures to find and remove the violent extremist or terrorist content on video sharing platform. Officially announced this post on Sunday. Google said it would take a tougher position on video contains inflammatory religious content.

Meanwhile, Supremacist content can issue a warning are recommending them for user endorsements. Google will also employ engineering resources and technology help to identify the terrorist video content.

The company will also reach the potential Islamic state recruits through online advertising towards the anti-terrorist videos in a bid. Germany, France, and Britan where people killed and wounded in bombing and shootings by Islamists in recent years.

Google tightens measures to remove violent terrorist content on Youtube

Facebook and other providers Google and Twitter to do more to remove content. On Thursday Facebook offered additional insights to remove terrorist attack. Artificial Intelligence has ramped up to use on Facebook such as matching the language and identify the content quickly and also remove that content.

About Google Terrorist content

In Europe, political pressure to militant groups used the social networks and recruiting. The Google company general counsel Kent Walker said that ” We and Others have worked for many years to identify and remove that violates content and also policies. The uncomfortable truth is that we as an industry.

Google will expand its collaboration with extremist terrorist groups to identify unwanted Content they may be used.

Facebook Starts to use AI to become a hostile place for extremists. We want to find terrorist content immediately, in our network. Already most of the accounts they remove for terrorism. We can do better technology by using Artificial Intelligence to stop the spread of terrorist content on the social network. Meanwhile, AI  can use for the instance to recognize posted an image or video matches.


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