It’s September month & this time we will be getting another amazing tv series from Netflix. Can you make any guess? Don’t tell me you haven’t heard of the upcoming tv series on Netflix!!!

Well, for all the kids out there or any adult who loves watching anime shows then get ready to witness tv series titled “The Last Kids on Earth”. Now, when it comes down to this post, as always I will provide all the necessary information that you must know about the upcoming tv show before binge-watching on your Netflix account.

The Last Kids on Earth Netflix Release Date

Now, that you know a little bit about the upcoming anime show, the most important thing of all, you must know is the release date of the new series coming to Netflix.

Do you know anything about it? If no, well then without much ado, I will go on to reveal it for you. The upcoming Netflix anime tv series will be releasing on the 17th of September.

Yeah! It’s true, this Tuesday, the tv series will be live for everyone who has the Netflix Subscription.

The Last Kids on Earth Premise?

For those of you, who do not watch any shows without knowing about the plot, well this section of the post is for you.

Coming straight to the point, The Last Kids on Earth tv series tells the story of a 13-years old kid & a band of suburban middle schoolers. Name of the kid is Jack Sullivan. He lives in a decked-out treehouse and loves playing video games like any other kid. The aftermath of the Monster Apocalypse, Jack along with his mates, gorge themselves on candy and battle zombies in order to survive.

The Last Kids on Earth Trailer

At the beginning of September Month, Netflix released the first-ever official trailer of the upcoming tv show. In fact, a day after the release, I got to know about the trailer & straightaway I watched the trailer. If you too haven’t seen the trailer then you can watch it from below. After watching the trailer, do let me know how you liked the trailer in the comments section given below. Now, let’s jump to The Last Kids on Earth trailer:

As I already told you that he loves playing the video game, in fact, in the trailer you can hear Jack saying his life has become like a plot of a video game. As a first impression, the trailer looked quite fun.

In the first of the trailer, Jack introduces some of his friends from his middle school, Dirk Savage played by Charles Demers, June played by Montse Hernandez & Quint played by Garland Whitt.

Later in the trailer, to protect themselves from a monster apocalypse, they decide to build a tree fortress of awesomeness.

All in all, if you are looking for just sheer entertainment than The Last Kids on Earth Tv series is made for you.

Frequently Asked Questions | The Last Kids on Earth

Q- Is the upcoming Netflix series The Last Kids on Earth tv series adapted from books?

A- Yes, indeed. In fact, the tv series is based on the book series of the same name The Last Kids on Earth. The books are written by Max Brallier. The novel series is listed as a best seller on USA Today & The New York Times.

Q- How many books are there in The Last Kids on Earth series?

A- As of now, there are 5 books in the novel series titled The Last Kids on Earth, The Last Kids on Earth & the Zombie Parade, The Last Kids on Earth & the Nightmare King, The Last Kids on Earth & the Cosmic Beyond, The Last Kids on Earth & the Midnight Blade (September 17, 2019).

Q- How many copies of The Last Kids on Earth series are sold till date?

A- Well, as per the publisher, books of the series has sold more than a billion printed copies.

Q- What is the Genre of The last kids on earth series?

A- Well, the genre is Action & Adventure Literature Comedy Apocalyptic fiction.

Final Words

That’s all for now. I hope you find the above-written post to be helpful. Now, that the tv series is officially live on Netflix, I’m to watching it on my Netflix account. Soon after watching the show, I will provide my review of The Last Kids on Earth. So, stay tuned for further updates, till then do let me know your views on the upcoming Netflix tv series. Will, you binge-watch the entire series or not? Do let me know in the comments section given below.


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