Why restrict yourself to one platform apps? Get a full dose of the top 10 app stores for Android and iOS. You can choose from categories and see what the rest of the world is downloading.

You can be getting the best of apps from Google Play Store and App Store. In fact, those are the two app stores that people like you and me use. But, the global apps market has a lot in store for you. You can easily download a wide array of apps from alternative app stores in the world.

Alternative App Stores for Android and iOS

When you think about app stores for Android and iOS why limit yourself to a closely knitted app collection? Why not discover the global alternative app stores. The market is very big and you would probably need to rate the best ones.

That’s where I come in. Just take a look at the below image for the global app store numbers;

alternative app stores for Android and iOSSo, I think you can already see that there is a whole world of apps that you have not even discovered. If you are looking for an alternative app store for iPhone, that too are available.

Some of these app stores are free and some of them will charge you. But, nevertheless the quality of apps are optimum in all with excellent security measures for you.

How Alternative App Stores for Android and iOS Benefit You?

Well these app stores are beneficial for both the users and the developers. The best part is that you can actually find apps that you have bene looking for and most of them are not available else where.

  • Absolute and Speedy Exposure ( Discover new apps from interesting developers )
  • Faster App Submission
  • Secured Payment Process
  • Very Effective Customer Service

List of Different App Stores for iPhone

If you are looking for app store alternatives for iOS no jailbreak then you would definitely get a kick out of the following list. Apple uses a closed ecosystem where only reviewed apps by Apple will be displayed. This is where alternative app stores for iOS comes in to play.

App stores for Android and iOS

Here goes!


Ilja Laurs the founder of GetJar started it as a floating project for app developers. That turned in to the largest alternative app store for iOS. Accel Partners and Tiger Global Management, the main investors have built a secure app store that has bene active since 2004.


The user base for Appland is much more than just USA. Iran, Egypt, Bangladesh, Mexico, Malaysia, Iraq, El Salvador are within their service areas. They are famous for the collection of games ad mobile apps for their end consumers. better yet, is that their website is also very easy for app developers to list their apps for revenue too.


The best part of this app store for iOS is that you don’t have to jailbreak your device for it. TweakBox is essentially a cross platform app store for Android and iOS users. Their interface is very user friendly offering 2000+ apps for you to download.


Another state of the art app store for iOS, TutuApp houses a large collection of games. You don’t have to jailbreak your iOS device to use this app their. It comes to you in two versions. One is the single free version where you can also download premium apps for free. The other is the VIP version that gives you wider range of apps to browse from.

Mojo Installer

The good news about this alternative to App Store is that, you don’t have to jailbreak your device for it. You get a wealth of apps to download from here and more added every day. Mojo Installer is a fairly new App Store alternative and the developers are still working to make it better.

Google Play Store Alternatives

Google Play Store is actually a much larger app market than the App Store for iOS. Yet, that has opened doors to many other companies developing alternatives. You can discover many more games and apps there and play the premium games for free too.

app stores for Adroid and iOS

So, if you were looking for list of app stores for android then your search probably ends here.


Mobile9 can easily be the popular alternative to the Google Play Store. Offering you a huge range of games, mobile apps and videos to download form; you are definitely to find something there.

They have a uniformed categorized format, where you can also discover the apps of the week.


By far another contender in the list of app stores for Android is Aptoied. Most of the apps are well reviewed having 4-5 stars on an average. With a rather simple interface, you can find some really good games on this app store.


SlideMe is actually considered the best alternative to Google Play Store. You can find mobiles for all user preferences possible. What started off as a trial market place for Android app developers has turned in to a power house of versatile apps in 2019.

Amazon Appstore

Amazon is not a new name to the online store industries. But, they have launched their Amazon Appstore for Android devices making it a leading contender for Android app developers.

What makes Amazon Appstore unique is that it lets you publish your HTML5 and web apps too. With the Fire OS and multiple Fire OS devices, their customer app is niche and closely knitted. It is one of the growing Google Play Store alternatives right now. And, the USP is that the navigation system for app developers and getting their app published is fairly simple too.

And finally!


This is a relatively small app store but with some pretty amazing five star apps. What makes Mobango stand out is that, it is completely free to upload your Android Apps there. They hold no percentage to themselves at all.


As you can see that the apps market is relative huge globally. And, more and more countries are moving to be digital. Meaning, you will be getting many more interesting and unique designed apps to discover.

What is really interesting is that, because of your location you may end up not being able to access a certain app from the regular places like Google Play Store and App Store.

That is exactly when having access to the alternative app stores for Android and iOs is bound to come handy. There are many more app stores for Android but iOS has relatively a smaller list of app stores to choose from.

Well, to keep up with another list of new Android App Stores stay tuned with us. Subscribe FactsPress for all the latest updates in technology.


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