In this digital era when everybody spends their daily time over the internet, this is the result of the social media boom that everyone is now associated with the digital ecology. So, when everybody is on internet business also came to connect or approach their target customer. This lead to advent to digital marketing Yes, you thought right this marketing is done virtually by taking care of mindset which will work for business over the internet only. Regular marketing practices can be associated with digital marketing to make it more efficient and effective.

By using this practice one can easily survive in today’s cut-throat competition as it can empower your customer and facilitate them to contact you quickly and easily. Email is an essential thing to work over the internet there are several email services available today this can lead to confusion about how to choose an email service which will work for you. No need to worry as today we will share Top 10 email services available to use freely for your business.


Best Free Email Serivce
Best Free Email Service

Email service List


This is one of the most widely used application in business internationally. It has various plans starting with a primary plan which available to use for free includes free mail for 25 users and 5GB of data space. Additionally, Zoho offers several other services like CRM (Customer relationship management), Virtual chat assistant software, etc. All together these qualities develop it as the widest platform for businesses. Its paid plans are must go as they are the best deal on the current price point.


Largest used email service in the world all most every one of us familiar with it. A product of Google due to this Gmail is connected with services like Google docs, Google sheets, slides, etc.

Another reason behind the popularity of Gmail is the rise of Android. It is the largest Os as you by 90% of mobile manufacturers. This will make it mandatory to use Gmail as needed by the Os with the launch of G-suite specially designed to facilitate the use of email in the business.

Outlook Mail

It the world’s first email service started in 1996 named as Hotmail by Sameer Bhatia and Jacksmith. Now a web-based suit consists of mail, contact, task, calendar, etc although their browser is not that popular the outlook is used widely after Gmail. The service is free of cost and comes as default email service in Microsoft outlook. So start using now.

It is an email service owned by German internet company named United Internet. Besides, it offers a number of services like news articles, video email, etc. An easy to use service available for free. Empowers you to choose a domain name of your choice you can get email id of your name if not in use that’s great, isn’t it?

Yahoo mail

Yahoo doesn’t need any introduction as it is the third largest search engine. Providing social media services by the help of yahoo messenger service. Yahoo mail is free to use service offering a number of services like video streaming, interactive slides, pics storage in your mailbox. Another point to be noted is one can send a 50MB to 100MB file without any hassle.


It is also known as a bodyguard email service due to its high-security features. It scans all incoming emails for viruses. The service comes with spam filter practising these feature as a standard feature. Moreover, you can integrate it with any Operating system like Android, iOS, Windows, Blackberry, etc. Only email service that comes with POP3 access that means you can access your email from third party service as well.     


It is another email service which is in the market from last 10 years offers 36 languages worldwide to its customers. An active junk protection service and efficient spam filter are another reason to use the service. Besides, the basic plan is available for free includes 25 MB space in a time span of 120 days.

It is a great email service which provides 5GB of free space one can include RSS feed in that as well. Moreover, it allows you to personalize the account by customizing layout and drag and drop features as your requirement. Furthermore, you can share pics, task, calendar, notes online with others by the help of this service. A single name with several benefits.


It is an email service which supports advertising founded in 1997 by GMX Internet services. However, not that much popular but provides premium feel while using its email service. Comes with the power of spam filters which works well one can use it for free for their day to day requirements.


It is a new kind of email service because it acts like Twitter as you can share the email with 500 characters with no attachment. It is observed that this email service is a bit quicker as compared to other email providers. Can be attached to any Operating System like Android, iOS, Windows, etc.


The above list is developed by digital marketing experts having years of experience and includes hand-picked selections Only. This will help you to empower your business with a suitable email service. Don’t forget to share your experience of using these email service, Still having any questions unanswered mention it in the comment box below we will try our best to answer that in upcoming blogs.   


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