Trump’s administration cuts CDC out of the data set of hospitalized patients with COVID-19. The transfer is having an immediate effect.

According to the health and human services document up-dated on July 10, the Trump administration had directed hospitals to by-pass the Disease Control and Prevention Centers and send the entire COVID-19 patient details to Washington’s central database on Wednesday.

The handoff was immediate. One of the important CDC page on Wednesday afternoon tracking changes over the course of time in how many COVID-19 patients are occupied in the Nation. The CDC confirmed it was a result of the switch that the page was disappearing.

Data have come from the National Healthcare Safety Network, the United States’ most used system for hospital infection tracking. It’s CDC operated.

CDC Director Dr. Robert Redfield said on a call to reporters on Wednesday that the Agency agreed to remove the NHSN from the collection process to simplify reporting activities.

A valuable indicator of the pandemic is lost for health workers by disappearance.

Increases in the number of patients and COVID-19 in the number of hospital beds reflect how close or not ready the new patients are to be treated in hospitals or regions.

In a statement earlier this week, Michael Caputo, assistant secretary of HHSA, said that a one-week time gap in recording hospital statistics was “faster” for new coronavirus data collection program.

“The Coronavirus Task Force of the President has been recommending change for months, but it can not continue,” he says. “Today, only 85% of hospitals have been supplied by CDC; the COVID response of the President requires 100% of reporting.”

Caputo further stated: “This integrated all-state response must certainly be part of the CDC, an organizational division of the HHS.

Redfield described the system of collecting data on Wednesday afternoon as a means of simplifying the process and facilitating information to state and federal authorities in the country’s hospitals.

“We at CDC know the public health lifeblood is data,” he said. ‘We are priority and reason for the changes we are discussing here today for gathering, disseminating data as quickly as possible.’

The CDC has long struggled to provide lagging funding to state-of-the-art data systems and to upgrade its systems in cooperation with many federal agencies.

Redfield said that the change would not be detrimental, that the new system would streamline the process, reduce the burden of reported copies and reporting on medical service providers and “enable us, by best means available, to distribute scarce resources.”

“We have only streamlined data collection for frontline hospitals,” he stressed. “None removes CDC access or info.”

The procedures were worried by public health and infectious disease experts who recognized that further politicization of the pandemic would harm health care staff and patients.

“There could be an additional strain to already overloaded hospitals, and a new threat to the United States’ pandemic responses if medical data is not put under the leadership of experts in public health,” said Dr.Thomás File, President of the Infectious Disease Society of America in a statement.

He said that the collection and reporting of information on public health is a “core function of CDC” and “to undermine public health experts in our nation,” he said.

“As doctors, frontlines, and experts in infectious diseases, we advise the government to use public health resources to tackle the public health issue,” said File.

According to the Johns Hopkins University, the US reached 3.4 million cases as of Wednesday, with 136,000 deaths. Overall, 13.3 million and over 579,000 deaths have been reported.

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