In front of his biggest battle with Deontay Wilder, Tyson Fury makes one more than a absurd reason. This time he dazes a correspondent on a media telephone call.

Since Tyson Fury was thumped down twice in the principal battle against Deontay Wilder, a columnist scrutinized Fury’s jaw. Fierceness concocted the most unusual answer ever.

Fury said: “I have got confidence in my chin but I’ve been doing a lot of p***y licking to strengthen my jaw up,” Fury said matter-of-factly.”

Back in January, he said that he jerks off 7 times each day to get his testosterone siphoning. In another announcement, he said that he dunks his hands in petroleum to create punching power. Rage is extraordinary compared to other garbage talkers in the game. He knows precisely how to disturb the media or get inside his rivals’ head.

The duo battled in December 2019. In any case, the session finished in a doubtful draw despite the fact that Fury clobbered Wilder for most of the match. More out of control, who is likely the hardest hitter in the heavyweight division, scored two knockdowns in the match. Many conjecture this most likely influenced the judges’ brain.

What Fan’s Said About the Incident

fans considered it a “burglary” and requested a rematch. Over a year later, the fans at demanded from full strength. Wilder and Fury will confront each other on February 22, 2020. Wrath is one of the most in fact sound fighters and has a strong possibility of winning. He may be the main fighter sufficient to beat Wilder. I have enjoyed that match in my Apple iPad Air, where you love to watch these matches mention it in the comment box be.

Final Words

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