Are you a Game of Thrones Fan? Well, finally, after waiting for more than two years, season 8 is live for everyone. I remember when Game of Thrones premiered way back in 2011. Since, the release of Game of Thrones, it grabbed the eyeballs of everyone with action, betrayal, CGI and storylines. Now, let’s talk a little about the season 8 of Game of Thrones. Well, in the episode, …. Don’t worry if you haven’t seen the latest season of GOT, I will not spoil it for you. No spoilers ahead!!! However, what will you do when any of your friends ruin your day with the spoilers?

If you are a die-hard fan of Game of Thrones, then you will understand how a spoiler can ruin an episode for you. Now, when it comes to streaming of episodes, you can watch Game of Thrones for free using several video apps. However, the only problem with them is that you can watch it at the time of release. So, if you can’t wait to watch the game of Thrones and want to see live, then you can use some premium video service to get live and unlimited access to GOT. However, these premium services and the timing of live streaming of the show will vary as per different countries.

game of thrones season 8

Stream Game of Thrones Season 8 Episodes Online (Country Wise)

I noticed that several users download the latest episodes of Game of Thrones from illegal source with the likes of torrent sites. In case, you don’t know then let me inform you that it is unlawful for you to watch content from illicit sources. By doing so, you may harm your device with several threats including malware and virus. Thus, the best way for you to stream the latest episode of Game of Thrones season 8 is using premium services. Let’s find out some premium services to stream the episodes of Game of Thrones Season 8 live-

United Kingdom

The timing for the live streaming of the latest event of Game of Thrones season 8 is 2 AM on Monday. You can watch it live on Sky Atlantic and Now TV. However, for some reason, if you are not able to stream it live, Now TV allows you to watch it later with a monthly subscription fee of around USD 8. If you want to save some bucks, then I advise you to purchase three months subscription as it will help you save USD 6. Moreover, if you want to test the premium service before purchasing it, then you can opt for a free trial version of seven days.

United States of America

Everyone knows that Game of Thrones is a show that is made under the banner of HBO. So, purchase the premium services of HBO to stream the latest episodes of Games of Thrones Season 8 live. So, if you are ready to pay USD 15 monthly, then you can watch GOT along with other famous shows.


If you are a citizen of Canada, then you can stream this popular TV series every Sunday via CRAVE. Similar to other premium streaming services, CARVE allows you to watch your favourite TV shows later. You can purchase the premium services for USD 20 per month. However, I will recommend you to buy the yearly subscription with some additional discounts.


All the Australian citizens have two options to watch Game of Thrones Season 8. You can either sign up for Foxtel’s cable service or Foxtel now, streaming services. The timings of the live stream in Australia is every Monday. You can enjoy their premium services with the monthly subscription fees. Besides, there are several other packages for you to choose from. You can also avail a trial of 10 days for free.


Out of all the countries, UAE provides you with the best deal to stream GOT season 8 live. You can watch all the episodes of Game of Thrones Season 8 with Wavo. Besides, you only have to pay USD 2.99 per month only. In addition to this, you can watch the game of thrones on several different live TV channels for a tiny amount of money.


NORWAY citizens can watch the latest episodes of game of throne season 8 with monthly pay-out of 99KR. No additional or hidden charges. On top of this, purchase a yearly subscription and avail some extra discount.


SoHo is a premium entertainment channel in New Zealand that airs popular TV series including Game of Thrones. Soho offers different packages that start from NZ $25 and out of which you can choose Monthly or Yearly packs. Besides, if Soho app is out of your budget, then you can prefer Neon TV service over it. It will cost you around NZ$12 per month.


Indian users can enjoy the latest season of Game of Thrones on the Hotstar app. It is a video streaming platform by The Walt Disney Company India that streams live sports matches, tv channels, original shows, tv shows and movies. You can watch the latest episode live every Monday at 6:30 IST in the morning. To purchase a premium subscription of Hotstar app, you have to spend 299INR where yearly subscription will cost you INR 999.

VPN services To Watch Game of Thrones

There are some countries all over the world where Game of Thrones is not available. If you are facing the same problem, then the best way for you to stream the latest version of GOT is by using a VPN service. In case, you don’t know, all it does is hide your IP address and provides an IP address of any other country that you selected. Besides, you might get confused with several VPN’s available in the Market. Don’t worry; I will help you find a VPN service that is best for you.

Express VPN

If speed and security matters, you the most then I recommend you use Express VPN. In addition to this, you will find the interface of this app quite easy. You can use this app to stream blocked content in Smart TV’s, PC, iPhone, Mac, iPhone, Fire TV stick and Android Phone etc. Besides, if you purchase the monthly plan, then you will get an additional subscription of three months. Don’t wait anymore; now is the time for you to buy the subscription. As an alternative of Express VPN, you can use IPVanish and Nord VPN.

Final Words

I hope that you were able to stream one of the most popular shows in your country. However, if you have any question or facing any problem then let us know via the comments section. We will find a solution for you as soon as possible.


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