From medieval times all human being need a time for recreation to entertain and become stress free. Individual do this by playing online games, listening music and watching online movies. In this modern era people love to watch movies online from comfort of their home. The days are gone when people rush to theatre for watching a movie. This saves their time and money also facilitates them to pause or watch the movie as per their comfort.

As you search for watch movies online than you will get lot of results but it is a tough task to get good and trusted websites out of that. As those results contains lot of diverted links and scams which can be dangerous for your personal information stored on your device. No need to worry as today we will provide you complete detail of websites that help you to watch movies online. Yes you can watch movies online with no extra cost and in best quality.

watch movies online
watch movies online

Watch Movies Online: The List

Amazon Prime Videos

This website offers most of latest movies and tv shows all in original format and ad free. Only video platform which offers 30 days free trial if you are fully satisfied with the services than you can opt for subscription. This is a quality video streaming services comes with brand belief of amazon.


One of the largest video platform as website contains more than 1500 movies from several categories like horror, action, suspense, murder mystery, romance, science fiction, biography etc. Along with latest movies being update on regular basis. One can strictly enjoy the movie without register themselves. As website facilitates its users to search and watch their desired movie without log in.

Sony Crackle

This website has special place as it comes from the house of sony. The brand is well known for quality performance. Sony crackle allows you watch full length high quality movies without losing a penny from your pocket. This is a great option as website offers premium like experience one can have issue with advertisements only.


Yes, also known as king of video websites most of you are familiar with youtube. You can search for any kind of video as it is world’s largest video website. You can simply select movie section if you wish to search for movies only. A huge variety of movies available ranging from latest blockbuster to evergreen movies. You can choose the format of viewing in order to enjoy hi quality movie or to manage your data easily.

HD online

If you love to watch movies online but feeling irritated due to repetitive advertisements. Than hd online is a sure visit website for you providing ad free video streaming. Here you can enjoy your favourite videos without any hurdle of advertisements. The website never ask its users to register themselves or login for using the services. One can get all latest videos like movies, tv shows, action, music videos, stage performances etc.

Tubi TV

This is one of most popular video platform among youth due to its easy to use and eye appealing interface. Website also offers great variety as thousands of movie from different category like Romance, drama, suspense, murder mystery are available here on a single click.

123 Movies

It is one of the oldest and best website for enjoying latest movies for free. The website offers hd quality videos with theatre like sound. Features like favourite list facilitates quick access to movies by adding your loved movies in the list. The service is completely free and can be enjoyed without registering yourself on website but to experience unique feature of website one must log in.    


Here you will get movies instantly after its release in theatres it feels really great to watch a movie for free at your home even when people are paying high cost for watching it in multiplex. The website has a really cool interface appeals their user to watch movie with original movie posters. The movies are categorized on the basis of their genre and their country of origin makes it easy to find your desired movie. You will get movie synopsis by clicking on its thumbnail giving you an idea of movie before watching helping you to make your mind.


The above information will help you to find a video website suiting your requirements. I hope you like the content and don,t forget to share your experience of using these websites. Still have any question unanswered mention it in comment box below. We will try our best to answer that in our upcoming blogs.     


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