Today I am going to guide you how you can save your precious mobile if it gets wet through water, tea or from any other drink. This is a common situation that many people have to face in their daily life routines and many of them lost their mobile in this situation because at that time they do not know what they have to do instantly for Water damaged mobile Repair. They often got panic and cause more harm without the knowledge of curing them of the water. But after reading this guide you will be able to protect your mobile/iPod from further damage and can get back your mobile in its correct well order.

Whenever your mobile dropped in water and get wet then follow these Water damaged mobile Repair precautions rather than going to repair shops. You can also repair it at home without any hesitation you will only need some important tools to repair it. When your mobile got wet you have to save its PCB from further damage. But if its PCB (circuit board) gets more damaged then you have to replace your mobile.

Required Tools:

Water damaged mobile Repair purpose you will need the following tools:

  1. Torx T6 size screwdriver
  2. Tweezer
  3. Hair drier

Steps to Repairing Your Mobile


Water damaged Mobile Repair

First of all, you have to switch off the mobile/iPod and then remove the battery. It is a crucial part of the repair and you have to instantly remove the battery whenever the mobile dropped in water.

Step 2:

Use the mentioned screwdriver to open your mobile or iPod. Carefully open it without causing any damage to its cover .open the screws and remove its covering and place them aside.

Step 3:

Now you have to check the parts which get affected with the water. You need to dry them, for this purpose you can use drier because you have to save the circuit board from damage.

So carefully perform each step in Water damaged mobile Repair process. You can also make it dry by placing it in sunlight.dry all the parts and remain careful with LCD because it is the sensitive part and you also have to dry it rather than using more heated components. More heat can also affect the LCD screen because its materials can be heat sensitive’s

Step 4:

After assurance of completely drying all parts now, it’s time to assemble all parts back in the same way as you open it.

Step 5:

Put back its battery in the device and switch on your mobile/iPod.

Hope it will work again and by following Water damaged mobile Repair way you can repair your water damaged mobile or iPad rather than going to any mobile repair expert’s .your efforts can bring back your favorite device. Now enjoy it!

Note! If unfortunately, your mobile fails to switch on with following Water damaged mobile Repair guide then the next choice for you is to take it to someone expert of repairing mobile shop or either replace it.


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