I can understand why you would want to buy/sell Minecraft Premium Account (s). One of the best features of Minecraft is the multiple servers you get to play in. Realms in one of the most famous ones. You can buy OG Minecraft Accounts and also, GG Minecraft Accounts.

Why buy? Because, Minecraft can be addictive and there are many of us gamers looking to play more.

If you are looking to buy Minecraft Cape Accounts (What it is?), well that is available too. All of these are also called Minecraft Alts, meaning these are all hacked versions which can be used in the full version on the multiplayer servers.

OG Minecraft Account

Here OG refers to Original Gangster with the account that have rare usernames). It’s just like a cool username for gamer.

GG Minecraft Account

In gaming field, GG stands for “Good Game” and goes with EZ (easy) too. If we use other acronyms, GF (Good Fight) WP (Well Played) and few says it “Get Garbage” lol. Lot of gamers don’t give a shit about GG account. However, there are still buying and selling of these accounts.

Minecraft Cape Account

Initially referred as Minecraft Con (Minecon Cape) and hosted by Mojang, Minecon cape offered to those who attend Mojang event and you can’t transfer cape from one account to another.

For more information, you could visit this page: https://help.mojang.com/customer/en/portal/articles/872983-minecon-capes

But! But! But! Here is how you could try your luck with getting an MineCraft Cape Account:

How to Get MineCraft Cape Account?

And if you have come here looking to how to buy/sell Minecraft Premium Account (s) then you have landed on the right page. The following websites that I have listed down will get your Premium Minecraft Accounts for less than $10.

If you are looking to buy/sell Minecraft Account (s) in bulk then that would cost you a little over $100.

How Much is My Minecraft Account Worth?

Well, this is simple. The worth of your Minecraft account depends on the ranks you have and how good they are. For example, just look at the image below. it shows you an auctioneer who is willing to sell his Minecraft Accounts, and the ranks he is willing to offer.
You can easily find selly.gg Minecraft accounts, OG Minecraft accounts, Minecraft Cape Accounts and also Minecraft Alt accounts to buy.

So, when you are venturing in to whether you should buy/sell Minecraft account (s) then calculating the price you should bid for is the first step.

Of course, these are all Premium Minecraft Accounts. If you want to buy or get Free Minecraft Premium accounts, you can always check out our list of free Minecraft accounts and passwords.

Buy/Sell Minecraft Premium Account

So, the higher the rank with the more features that you have invested in will give you a bigger bid. At least that is how all these server exchanges work.

Can You Buy Un-migrated Minecraft Accounts?

Yes, you can. You can opt to buy javascript Minecraft accounts and Premium Minecraft Accounts.

I would suggest before you buy/sell Minecraft Account (s) just see if you have migrated it to Mojang or not.

List of Websites to Buy/Sell Minecraft Account (s)

You should know that if you are looking to buy/sell Minecraft Account (s), then it is not really permitted by Mojang. So, chances are you will have find your leads from the listed Minecraft market places.

getting to know the person you are selling to or buying form is vital too. I will cover the list of things you need to consider before you decide to buy/sell Minecraft Account (s). Should help you get the better half of the deal.

MC Market

This Minecraft selling and buying websites give you access to thousands of auctioneers around the world trying to sell and buy OG Minecraft accounts (Here OG means Original Gangster with the account that have rare usernames). It’s just like a cool username for gamer. You can easily find accounts at $7 to even $100. All depends on what are the armor and features and ranks that account already has.

You can also search for premium selly.gg Minecraft Accounts and make your pick.

Do you want to know about most

MC Trades

Here is another good website that allows you to buy and sell OG Minecraft Accounts. You will find many OG Minecraft accounts for sale starting from $20.
You can easily type into the search tab on this website and look for selly.gg Minecraft accounts and normal GG Minecraft accounts to buy.

League Of Trading

This is one my trusted websites that give you access to un-migrated Minecraft accounts to buy and sell. You can sign up as a seller or even as a buyer. This is one of the most trusted websites around that allow you to buy/sell Minecraft Account (s) with least problems.

Verified Alts

This is a really great site where you can find mainly lots of Minecraft Cape Accounts for sale. You can bypass Minecraft server securities using their NordVPN too.


One of the specialties of this website is you can access many other game accounts alongside Minecraft. You can easily find affordable premium Minecraft accounts up for sale and choose as per the features you want.
You can also find a lot of OG Minecraft accounts for sale on eBay too.

Things to Remember

Buying and selling Minecraft accounts is not really ethical. And chances are if you invest in the wrong account, Mojang will automatically close down your account later on. I know a dude who spent over $10K on buying Minecraft Accounts in bulk and had Majong close his account down in a week.

You can login with mc alts on Mojang official website and by the way, do you know Mojang is one of the finest video game developer which gives ultimate user experience? If not, check out the top games developed by mojang and I am 100% sure you will love worth trying it and may be, you will forget MineCraft.

Final Words

Hope my list of websites helped you find your favored Minecraft account online. If we are missing any authentic and fast platform to buy and sell minecraft account, please keep let us know. Till then, Happy gaming and safe payments.


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