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If you want to be a paid writer of “Facts Press”, Just give us your sample article with the guidelines given below. We pays based on the quality of the article.

How to Submit Your Content Writing Sample?

Write down 1 article on any topic and mail us at [email protected]

Guidelines {CheckList} for Writer:

Guest Post Checklist

  1. Please do proper research before writing.
  2. In case you find any other topic on which we should write, please advice us.
  3. Please interlink all these articles.
  4. There is Minimum word limit of 800 words and maximum could be anything based on requirement of the article but please make sure don’t write 1 thing again & again & don’t stretch the article.
  5. Article needs to be informative (Point to point) and if you want to give anywhere brief explanations, go ahead.
  6. At the end of day, I am looking for attractive and readable article by considering the keywords inside the article.
  7. Keywords should be added inside the article as I have tried to add in my meta description. Keyword density should be good.
  • Main Keyword in first Paragraph
  • Supporting keywords are in Middle Paragraph
  • Main keyword in last paragraph
  • Please add Heading2, Heading 3 of your keywords to make it seo friendly.
  • Your article should be in proper format.
  1. Please don’t forget to add call-to-action at the end of article.
  2. Call to action refers to the user activity on page. Ask for Queries/Suggestions/feedbacks, put queries, ask their problems and motivate them to share our content with their friends.
  3. Please put relevant images (size – 742*490) along with the article.
  4. Please put alt tag into Images similar to keywords of the article.
  5. Meta Description should clearly explain the article Insight. “What they will get to know if they click on the article?”

Topics to Write On:

  1. We accept tech,games, education, health, lifestyle etc. We love to have facts based article.

Do you accept paid sponsored post?

Yes, I do. If you are looking for a paid sponsored post, then you can mail us your article directly for review purpose at [email protected]

In return for content, we provide nofollow link but if you want the dofollow link – it’s chargeable. Pricing of the Guest post depends on “Whether the content is valuable or not?” “Is it with the complete throughout information or not?” “Is it solving problem or is it just for marketing”.

It’s better if you send us your article directly for the review purpose. If we liked your article, you will get nofollow link from us. Once we will review, we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Thanks for being our guest; it’s an honor for us.

How to Get Dofollow Link for Free?

Infographics are most welcome. If you give us a quality research based unique infographic (not used anywhere else), we can give you dofollow link for free of cost.

Disclaimer: “Facts Press” holds every authority to approve or reject your blog content without providing any explanation or reason.