By now you know, that one of the biggest video game console franchises that allows multiple real time server playing is Xbox One. That also brings us to all the Xbox errors & problems. You will find that even the biggest brands in video games sometimes experiences shut downs and outrages.

There have been a few Xbox Errors and Problems that you have been looking 100% solutions for.  And, that is exactly what my article sis geared to solve.

What’s going on with Xbox?

Since mid 2018 Xbox has seen a few ups and downs in terms of service. In fact, you can actually check Xbox live status on Twitter.

Whatever issues you are facing no matter where you own an Xbox, you can get all the updates here on Xbox Support. It is Xbox’s official Twitter support page catering to all user grievances.

Xbox Errors & Problems That Needs Fixing

Xbox has seen a major server error to going off the radar and also sing in problems by many users. The truth is, if you see an error message on Xbox that is not listed in the list they have given, then chances are you will have to wait for an update on the fix.

Click here to get the whole list of Xbox Error Messages.

Here are the recent Xbox Errors & Problems

You may not find these error messages on their list but their support page on Twitter gives you live updates on the fixtures.

Xbox sign in error 0x800488fc

If you have bene playing a lot recently you know by now that there has been a global outrage on the singing in process on Xbox.

If your error code is not part of their list then it is something for the Xbox team to sort out. There is nothing wrong from your end.

Xbox Errors & Problems | 100% Solved | Solutions & Support 1This was caused by a new server update and was resolved from their end. Due to server glitches you will be seeing this in the future. Just try turning your console on and off again.

If it doesn’t work always check in to their Xbox live status on Twitter.

Xbox Live Servers Down

A lot of people like me will go in a frenzy if their Xbox doesn’t work. Chances are, like you I might actually go outside for real. But, the easiest way is to always check in their Xbox Support page on Twitter.

Or, to be more precise get on 

Clicking there you will be getting the Xbox live outage map and you can easily keep a track on when your side of the world will be getting the fixes from Xbox.

0x87dd0006 Xbox Sign In 2018

This is actually a very common Xbox errors & problems that gets solved easily. Well most of the time. If my below fixes don’t work for you then you need to tune in to the Xbox live status on Twitter.

A Few Easy Fixes:
  • Log in offline by disconnecting your Ethernet cable
  • Check and Re-Check your billing info
  • Delete or Update your profile
  • Update your controller
  • Unplug your console unit
  • Try updating your console too
  • Restart your Router/Modem

And if none of these work for you, then you can check this video tutorial out for possible fixtures too.


Netflix Down on Xbox?

Xbox’s Netflix down is a very regular problem for many. But this is hardly ever for servers.

Xbox Errors & Problems | 100% Solved | Solutions & Support 2The three ways to solve this are;

  • Try Restarting your Netflix
  • You can restart your Xbox Console
  • Reinstall Netflix
How to Fix Xbox Netflix Down Error?
Restart Netflix:
  • You can locate the ‘arrow’ tab on your console and navigate it to your Netflix App on the Home Screen.
  • Tap on your ‘menu’ tab on your console
  • Now, click on ‘Quit’
  • Re-launch Netflix to see if it works
Restart Your Console
  • Turn off your Xbox console
  • Unplug your console cables
  • Wait for a min or two
  • Re-plug it in
  • Turn it on
  • Hope it works!
Reinstall Netflix
  • Go to Home Screen
  • Click on My Games and Apps
  • Click on Netflix from list
  • Uninstall Netflix
  • Then go back to Store
  • Type in Netflix
  • Re-Install it
  • Re-launch it
  • Hope it works as it did for me!

Final Words

Well I hope my solutions have helped you and always keep the Xbox live status on Twitter handy. Most of the times, the solutions are updated there by the Xbox team themselves.

Happy Gaming Ya’ll!


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